BIMcollab ZOOM 2.2

Large project? Bring it on


Ready for large projects

BIMcollab ZOOM 2.2 breaks new records in IFC performance. The fastest IFC viewer became even faster
while using up to 40% less memory. ZOOM can load models and point-clouds of any size while still offering
responsive and smooth navigation on high frame rates.

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Navigation performance

Fluent navigation, even on low-end machines

The adaption to the available graphical processors optimized resulting in 5 times more entities to remain visible on high-end machines while on low-end machines the navigation always stays fluent.

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Efficient memory usage

Load large IFC or point cloud files

The memory usage of the improved rendering engine is reduced up to 40% allowing to load almost twice as much IFC- or pointcloud data.

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Section box movement

Drag a section box through your model for better understanding of the model.

Reinforcement properties

Visualize reïnforcement properties with smart views and auto-classification.

Direct access to files

Open documents and hyperlinks directly from the property panel.

Other enhancements:

  • Brighter colors, better looking annotations and 5K graphics on MacOS .
  • Option to visualize project origin and zoom to this location.
  • Duplicate annotations in a single click
  • Easily browse through property sets by using the tab key
  • and more.

Start using BIMcollab ZOOM today

Your team will find information flaws, communicate issues, and verify solutions with less work. 

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