Become a partner of BIMcollab

BIMcollab is always on the lookout for driven partners to sell its acclaimed products in growing industries all over the world. Are you convinced of our issue management solutions and do you have a strong commercial footprint in a BIM mature region? Then you’re on the right track to become an official BIMcollab partner.

Benefits of being an official partner


Offer a complete package

With BIMcollab in your portfolio you'll be offering your customers a chance to bridge the gap between the BIM tools you're probably already selling.


Use our resources

Besides our extensive knowledge, we will provide you with proper sales and marketing tools to enable you to successfully acquire new clients.


Purchase automation

For an efficient process and professional purchase experience, our webshop can be embedded in your website. Purchases will then automatically be documented under your name, streamlining the purchase process for all parties involved.

BIMcollab Issue Management Software

Are you interested in becoming a BIMcollab partner? Do not hesitate to contact us via for inquiries or information.