BIMcollab and Dropbox integrated | offering an entry level CDE

BIMcollab announces the integration with Dropbox offering users a unique combination of issue management with file sharing possibilities. The integration works throughout the whole ecosystem: setup the connection and access-rights via the Cloud and BIMcollab ZOOM automatically knows where to find the model files when connecting to a project.

Paul Deckers, Product Owner of BIMcollab Cloud: ”We at BIMcollab didn’t want to create another file-sharing system but hooked into the one most of you are already using. Today we present this new feature available in BIMcollab.”

The new integration of BIMcollab with Dropbox for Business lets you work with federated models in BIMcollab ZOOM, shared and managed via BIMcollab Cloud in combination with shared Dropbox folders.

Once you’ve setup the connection between BIMcollab and your Dropbox account, BIMcollab takes care of creating the project folder in Dropbox, starts to invite the team members you want to join, and grants them access. When the BIM manager or project leader stores the federated models in that Dropbox folder, right alongside your other project-files, all team members can automatically open the federated model in BIMcollab ZOOM, by simply connecting to that specific project in the BIMcollab cloud: ZOOM will know where to look to open the files.

Gerben Boutshoorn, Product Owner of BIMcollab ZOOM: ”With this integration BIMcollab ZOOM users can easily share federated models, it’s data requirements like smart views and clash rules, and found issues. Just by connecting to the project in the BIMcollab Cloud.”

Sharing and real-time co-working on the same federated model is part of what’s made BIMcollab ZOOM become so popular as BIM viewing and validation tool. Adding an IFC or point cloud file to your project automatically saves it to the project’s shared Dropbox folder and grant team members access.

When BIMcollab ZOOM connects to a project it will download not only the federated model structure and find the files in your Dropbox folder, but it receives also all defined requirements (like smart views and clash rules) ánd all active issues in the project. No need to leave ZOOM or BIMcollab – so everyone can get to work.

About BIMcollab

BIMcollab is an issue management system for BIM in the cloud and bridges the gap between BIM applications based on OpenBIM, by offering a broad set of add-ons for all popular BIM tools. It reduces time spend on communication about issues and it’s helping to improve model quality: less construction errors, lower costs. BIMcollab is a brand owned by KUBUS, a software company offering BIM solutions for Design & Build which is also exclusive distributor for GRAPHISOFT and Gold partner of Solibri, Inc. in the Benelux. KUBUS operates from offices in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Hasselt and Belgrade. BIMcollab ZOOM has over 13.000 daily users and BIMcollab Cloud is used by over 65.000 building professionals for better models, better buildings.