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BIMcollab releases BCF-API to link new BIM tools

BIMcollab now provides software developers with a new way of connecting their BIM software applications to the BIMcollab issue management eco-system. Next to the existing development kit and PowerBI connector, BIMcollab now supports the BCF-API.

The BCF-API was created by buildingSMART and supports the exchange of BCF issue data via a RESTful web interface. The interface is ideally suited for use in web applications as well as for mobile apps.

Paul Deckers, Product Manager Connectivity BIMcollab: “Our team always worked hard to extend our eco-system to include as many BIM applications as possible. Supporting this new interface opens our platform to some exciting new types of applications.

During the development of the BCF-API implementation, partners had already started to develop support for BIMcollab. Applications like BricsCAD from Bricsys, VREX by Vixel, buildagil, and Formitas’ VR solution are now ready to allow their user’s to connect to BIMcollab.

Following the initial release, an extended version of the BCF-API will be rolled out which will support the many features BIMcollab offers which are not supported by the BCF standard such as  custom fields and formal approval workflows.

Software developers interested in becoming a development partner can sign up here.

About BIMcollab

BIMcollab is a fast-growing platform for BIM issue management, offering new ways to collaborate on BIM models with focus on improving model quality. The solution bridges the communication gaps between popular BIM applications for authoring and model checking and has rapidly grown to over 65.000 users worldwide. BIMcollab Zoom is part of this ecosystem and offers model validation and clash detection directly integrated with issue management to optimize BIM communication workflow.