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BIMcollab SDK released to HELP collaboration

KUBUS, a software company offering BIM solutions for the AEC industry releases today their first Software Development Kit (SDK) for its market leading issue tracking platform BIMcollab. This SDK provides third party developers a toolkit for easy, seamless integration of BCF file-support and BIMcollab connection into any BIM tool.

“Since the launch of BIMcollab we received more requests then we could handle.” Says Erik Pijnenburg, CEO of KUBUS, the developing company behind BIMcollab. “With this strategic step we open up the platform for third parties to integrate their tools, so more consultants and subcontractors can connect from their tools to join issue tracking and collaboration.” 

Using BIMcollab’s Software Development Kit (SDK), BIM tool-developers can efficiently integrate BCF support. The GUI, the user experience and features from the company’s widely used BCF Managers will be fully available for developers. They can make their own BCF Manager in a fraction of the time, needed to understand the BCF file formats or the API to use low level libraries.

The SDK is made available as a library with GUI and API, taking care of all basic stuff like connecting, synchronizing data, issue-handling and even import and export of BCF files. The code is freestanding, making it independent of updates and the SDK, future-proof, easy to apply, and less vulnerable, even with optimized background loading and caching of cloud data included.

Developers have already begun using the SDK, like Data Design Systems and Bexel. TriCAD is planning to start soon. More information regarding the BCF Manager SDK can be found here.
Click here to apply for SDK developer.

About BIMcollab® Ecosystem

BIMcollab is a ground breaking BCF based BIM issue management ecosystem in the cloud. It operates across applications and bridges the communication gap between BIM tools. Today, BIMcollab’s ecosystem improves the collaboration for over 30.000 users worldwide. It includes BIMcollab ZOOM, world’s fastest IFC viewer to analyze and validate IFC data, and many plugins called BCF managers for seamless integration with all major BIM tools, allowing to zoom exactly to the right location and highlight the problematic objects. BIMcollab targets the multidisciplinary cooperation between companies to manage issues during design and construction phases.


KUBUS is a fast-growing software company offering BIM solutions for Design & Build and is exclusive distributor for GRAPHISOFT and Gold partner of Solibri, Inc. in the Benelux. KUBUS advocates openBIM and is the developer of BIMcollab®, the world’s first cloud-based issue management system linked into all major BIM tools. From offices in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Hasselt and Belgrade, KUBUS services over 30.000 international customers in the construction industry.

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