VR integration

Vixel and BIMcollab announce VR – BCF integration

The integration partnership between Vixel and BIMcollab enables users of Vrex and BIMcollab to collaborate and work on three dimensional models using virtual reality (VR) and professional issue management. The integration facilitates an effective workflow, wherein the latest issue lists can be accessed and worked on within a collaborative VR session with a few clicks.

The integration combines the world’s most powerful VR-solution with the most versatile issue management platform within engineering and construction.

“As a true supporter of BIM collaboration, we aim to offer our users as much connections to other BIM tools as possible. We welcome Vrex to our eco system and are excited about this intergration, as it holds many advantages for users that want to collaborate in a visual way”

Erik Pijnenburg, CEO of BIMcollab

Synchronised BCF issues

The integration of Vrex with BIMcollab makes the work process between BIM and VR very efficient and user-friendly. All issues from BIMcollab are directly available to the user through Vrex. Users can create new issues and review or comment on existing issues. Team members can then immediately start solving them in modelling software, because issues are automatically synchronised through BIMcollab to BCF managers in BIM authoring tools.

Furthermore, through Vrex, users can easily invite colleagues and sub-contractors and join them in virtual collaborations within seconds, even users that are not customers of BIMcollab or Vrex.

“Virtual Reality is the best tool available to communicate BIM clearly to everyone involved in the project, and to make sure they fully understand the challenges the project is facing, and the proposed solutions. With this great connection you can discuss issues and record decisions directly into BIMcollab. We are pleased to be part of the eco system, and looking forward to enabling great projects”

Rune Vandli, Project Manager of Vixel

Advantages of employing VR

BIM-users worldwide are adopting VR at an increasing rate, and the list of advantages appears to be unending. Users of Vrex have reported reduced miscommunication, early detection and elimination of errors, less travelling, and overall reduction in time consumption and monetary costs.
Demonstrations and trials are available for BIMcollab users upon request, with or without VR equipment.

About Vrex

Vrex by Vixel is a the most powerful VR system on the market, handling projects of any size. Vrex allows users to host virtual meetings in VR project members can join with VR goggles or using laptop mode. Users can navigate the 3D model for remote design reviews, coordination meetings, and bring in key stakeholders to approve solutions. Vrex is based fully openBIM BuildingSMART compliant.
Vrex is owned and developed by Vixel, a software company developing BIM and CAD solutions. Vixel operates out of Gjøvik, Norway. For more information, visit: www.vrex.no