Welcome to the BIMcollab Summer School!

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a BIM enthusiast, don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your BIM knowledge online. Get the most of your summer by diving into new modules every week during August. Learn from the BIMcollab Summer School and stay ahead in the competitive market! The BIMcollab Summer School will equip you with the latest tools, techniques, and insights to thrive in the world of BIM and the BIMcollab ecosystem. 

First Module – BCF Manager

In this one hour online course, learn how to use the BCF manager for Revit in your BIM project and connect with team members through a BIMcollab Nexus project. In this course you will also learn a lot of tips how to set up your Revit project for a better openBIM workflow and get a certificate!

Second Module – Live BIM-expert talk

On August 17th at 11am CEST you can take part in an interactive conversation with one of our in-house BIM-experts. Bojana will share her knowledge and experience with you.
Do not miss this live solution-based demo and save your spot now.

Registrations for the group demo have closed. You can still book an individual demo with one of our consultants here.

Third Module – 5 Golden Rules of a BIM Workflow

A BIM workflow is a methodology that helps the construction process, but sometimes it can add a layer of complexity and ambiguity. Learn how to elevate your construction projects with our eBook, “5 Golden Rules of a BIM Workflow.” Ready to make your workflow even more efficient? 

Download the eBook for free and keep on learning this summer!

Fourth module – Data in a tote bag or a library?

Imagine your construction documents organized like books in a perfectly arranged bookshelf. Just as you can effortlessly find the right book in a well-structured shelf, you can efficiently manage your building information by structuring it spatially. From swift repairs to seamless collaboration, experience the benefits.

Download the eBook for free and keep on learning this summer!

Fifth Module – BIM around the world: a panel discussion between international BIM-professionals

Join six BIM professionals from different cultures and countries for a live panel discussion in English as they share insights, information and differences when it comes to BIM in their respective corner of the globe.  

Friday 1st September, 14:30 CEST