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New BIMcollab ZOOM 2.2 ready for large projects

April 11, 2019 Eindhoven – BIMcollab ZOOM 2.2 breaks new records in IFC performance. Being already one of the fastest IFC viewers available, ZOOM became even better in handling very large models. [EP1] BIMcollab ZOOM 2.2 introduces an improved render engine which combines a much more efficient memory usage with high frame-rates for ever-smooth navigation. The update also adds improved IFC import capabilities for reliable loading of any model up to IFC4. With this latest update BIMcollab ZOOM users will be able to validate models of any size fluently, even on low-end machines.

Improved render engine

The memory usage of the improved rendering engine is reduced up to 40% allowing to load almost twice as much IFC- or Pointcloud data. The adaption to the available graphical processors optimized resulting in 5 times more entities to remain visible on high-end machines while on low-end machines the navigation always remains fluent. Support of the newest OpenGL on MacOS brings brighter colors, better looking annotations and 5K graphics.
Gerben Boutshoorn product owner BIMcollab: “We want to offer users a fast and powerful experience with a very simple interface when using IFC data from any source and size. With this new version BIMcollab ZOOM will perform better than ever, encouraging users to validate IFC models of any size fast and easy without bottlenecks.”

BIMcollab offers BIMcollab ZOOM for free and can be downloaded here.


BIMcollab ZOOM is part of the BIMcollab ecosystem for issue management and allows users to view and check BIM models. The uniquely simple interface brings a very easy to use yet powerful set of options to analyze, check and validate IFC data. The creation of issues is close at hand via the fully integrated issue-management. This smooth communication helps BIM managers to inform modelers right away about clashes or other model-errors. The ease of use of ZOOM also allows building owners and other stakeholders to keep a close eye on project progress, or even join the communication workflow.
BIMcollab bridges the gap between BIM applications by offering a broad set of add-ons for all popular BIM tools connecting them together via the BIMcollab cloud. It reduces time spend on communication about issues dramatically and helps to improve model quality: less construction errors, lower costs.


KUBUS is a fast-growing software company offering BIM solutions for Design & Build and is exclusive distributor for GRAPHISOFT and Gold partner of Solibri, Inc. in the Benelux. KUBUS advocates openBIM and is the developer of BIMcollab, the world’s first cloud-based issue management system linked into all major BIM tools. From offices in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Hasselt and Belgrade, KUBUS services over 40.000 international customers in the construction industry.

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