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BIM issue tracking made easy

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Issue management ecosystem

BIMcollab offers a full stack of software to make BIM collaboration easy so you don't have to shuffle between spreadsheets, email, and other tools anymore

Issue management platform

Centralize and manage all issues of your project in the cloud and create clear overviews and insightful reports.

BCF Managers
Plugins for BIM tools

Create, filter, and lookup issues within your preferred BIM tool. Synchronize them automatically to BIMcollab.

BIMcollab ZOOM
Model validation tool

View all IFC discipline models and validate any object, classification or property against requirements.

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BIM issue management in the cloud

BIMcollab is an issue collaboration platform for BIM, built on the widely accepted IFC and BCF open standards. BCF issues contain all relevant information enabling communication about BIM models.

BIMcollab simplifies issue management, and offers a structured way of storing, sharing and solving issue including reliable history tracking in any BIM development process.


BIMcollab ZOOM
Visualize and validate IFC models

BIMcollab ZOOM brings IFC model viewing and validating fully integrated into the BIMcollab workflow. ZOOM is the best tool to discuss issues in design review meetings.

ZOOM helps to analyse data to find design flaws and to verify solutions. Navigation is fast, intuitive and smooth, even with large models.


BCF Managers
Connect BIMcollab with the BIM tools you rely on

BIMcollab is connected to the most popular BIM tools like Revit, ARCHICAD, Navisworks, Solibri and Tekla Structures through our integrated BCF Managers. They can also be used to import and export BCF files.

Create and share issues with team members whether they are working with the same or different BIM tools. Start in model checking-, clash detection- or validation software and lookup issues, review solutions, follow mark-ups and provide feedback to solve in BIM modeling tools.