Integrating BIM 360

with best-in-class BCF based issue management

Connecting BIM teams

The Autodesk BIM360 integration provides BIM teams access to models stored in BIM 360 Docs, directly from the BIMcollab web application.

Team members can review the federated model, create issues or review existing issues without the need for uploading files to a secondary repository or installing a model viewer.

You can test the BIM 360 integration with a FREE account!

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Connect to BIM 360 Docs

In a few clicks you'll have

  • Model & issues in one view
  • Navigate as you wish
  • Immediately create issues
  • Scroll through existing issues

Issue management done right

Connect your BIM software
No more shuffling files and ploughing through emails. View model checker results directly in your BIM modeling software. Solve issues faster and more reliably.
Report and audit with precision
Gain instant insights into the workload and progress of your team with a simple click. An audit trail makes it possible to perform a thorough evaluation of previous decisions and approvals.
Work together from one source
Reduce errors and incomplete models by centralizing issues, reporting and communication. Collaborate effectively in the cloud.

Preferred by over 65.000 BIM managers, coordinators, architects,
model checkers, BIM modellers and more.

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