Increase your time savings

with BIMcollab ZOOM Nightshift

BIMcollab ZOOM

Model validation made easy

BIMcollab ZOOM brings IFC model viewing, validating and clash detection fully integrated into the issue management workflow. ZOOM is the perfect tool to discuss issues in review meetings, helps to analyse data to find design flaws and to verify solutions. Navigation is fast, intuitive and smooth, even with large models.

Configure tasks for ZOOM Nightshift

Blog describing the process

BIMcollab ZOOM Nightshift can perform scripted automated tasks and automates issue management even further. It uses JSON script files in combination with the Windows Task Scheduler. In this Blog we will explain how to configure a task for ZOOM Nightshift in Windows Task Scheduler.

Watch the recorded webinar

In case you’ve missed the webinar How to automate with BIMcollab ZOOM Nightshift, you can now watch the recording!

ZOOM Nightshift can perform scripted automated tasks to automate issue management even further. It builds on BIMcollab’s Smart Issues which already reduce the time spent on clash management. By running Nightshift – for example before you start your day – ZOOM can check new model versions and update Smart Issues in the cloud. Your clash overview will be up-to-date when you return to work in the morning! ZOOM Nightshift can also automatically update Lists and publish them to BIMcollab Cloud for sharing or even for automatically updating your Power BI reports.

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