Faster, smarter, easier

The free Viewer version of BIMcollab ZOOM is the most powerful IFC viewer in the world. It enables you to find, visualize and communicate information flaws in federated models. It’s beloved by BIM professionals world-wide for a good reason: it’s faster, smarter and easier to use than any other free IFC viewer available.

Explore your model without delay

Enjoy fast loading, high frame rates and smooth navigation, no matter how big your model is.

Validate more efficiently with Smart Views

Check your BIM models with customizable smart views: easy filtering and coloring of objects you want to highlight.

Anyone can (re)view your model

No need for expensive tools. All your stakeholders can now view and evaluate your BIM models for free.

Check your models more efficiently with Smart Views

With smart views you can dynamically filter and color-code components based on their properties and quickly gain insight in the quality of the information in your BIM model.

Unique and unparalleled is the auto color feature. With this option, you can color-code components automatically based on selected properties, without having to specify them one-by-one.

Collaborate via BIMcollab

Team members without access to expensive BIM tools can download BIMcollab ZOOM Viewer for free and connect to the BIMcollab Cloud project. Issues can be easily looked up in the model, commented on, assigned to a responsible team member, or marked as approved.

New issues are created in a heartbeat, with relevant viewpoints and new comments. Once done, synchronize your work with your team on BIMcollab Cloud with the press of a button.

What are you waiting for? It’s free.

Free features at a glance

Check pointclouds against IFC models

Load point clouds and combine them with IFC files to check for deviations between ‘as built’ versus ‘as designed’. You can open point cloud data from common used formats like .e57 and .txt.

Connect to 3rd party apps

Use Dropbox, Autodesk Construction Cloud, or any other DMS, to host your IFC files and sync these models straight into BIMcollab ZOOM Viewer.

Integrated issue management

Fully integrated with issue management of BIMcollab in an unprecedented way. Communicate with modeling partners to create high quality BIM models.

Section planes/boxes

Great navigation, intuitive sectioning and filtering offers fast and easy insight in any BIM model.

Single click annotations

Add texts, arrows, dimensions, revision mark-ups or property-stamps to issue-viewpoints for easy communication with your team.

Use predefined Lists and Smart Views

When connecting to BIMcollab Cloud you receive Lists and Smart Views available in your project. Smart Views to run predefined checks, and Lists to view extracted data in the context of your BIM model.

Listen to our users

“What a difference the new BIMcollab ZOOM makes! Even on my Surface it remains workable and fast.”

Koen van Tartwijk
Project Manager, Byldis

“The speed and the childishly simple interface of the software make BIMcollab ZOOM very attractive.”

Menno de Jong
Project Manager, FORM

“Incredibly powerful viewer, and the smart views give me perfect insight into my project’s data.”

Philippe Dupond

Did you know BIMcollab ZOOM also offers best-in-class Model Checking for quality assurance of BIM data?