Get full access to all features of BIMcollab Nexus 

Collaborate with team members and stakeholders on a centralized platform.

  • Advanced issue management: Easily create, assign, track, and report issues in real-time, enhancing project accuracy and efficiency.
  • Instant BIM model access: With the Model WebViewer, open and view federated BIM models in your browser instantly, regardless of the model size. 
  • Comprehensive integration: Seamlessly connect all your favorite BIM tools and collaborate across centralized platforms. Compatible with BIMcollab Zoom, BIMcollab Twin, and major CDEs like Autodesk Docs and Trimble Connect. 
  • Customization tools: Drive model-based collaboration with tools like customized model sets, Smart Views, and information takeoffs, designed to meet specific stakeholder needs. 

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This trial is embedded with a BIMcollab Zoom license that enables you to:

  • Save time on clash management with Smart Issues: A solution designed to streamline collision management by preventing the inclusion of duplicate results in reports, even when multiple team members perform collision detection simultaneously.
  • Validate more efficiently with Smart Views: Customize views to easily filter and color objects you want to highlight. Issues can be conveniently looked up in the model, commented on, assigned to a responsible team member, or marked as approved.
  • Prevent issues from the start with IDS: Dramatically reduce the number of issues by sharing IDS with modelers before they begin creating models, ensuring a smoother modeling process.
  • Automate model checking: When BIMcollab Zoom is connected to a project in BIMcollab Nexus, it automatically receives the IDS and performs checks on the models. If model components do not meet the specifications, issues are automatically generated, improving team communication and issue management.
Thanks to BIMcollab we can manage a large number (100,000) of issues and clashes, especially for teams working on different locations. It’s our main tool for tracking all issues and clashes.”

Aitor Chavarri,
BIM manager AECOM

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