Start your Zoom trial

Interested in BIMcollab Zoom’s model checking features and ready to try it yourself? Then start a free Zoom trial now. Don’t forget to check out our Help Center to get started. It is easy if you are familiar with BIM processes. In the trial, you’ll get familiar with:  

  • Smart Properties for structuring BIM data to your needs   
  • Fast and accurate clash detection 
  • Effective clash grouping and visualization 
  • Smart Issues for efficient clash management *
  • Lists for extracting BIM data in tables or pivots 
  • Automatically updated Power BI reports of BIM data 
  • Drag and drop sharing of BIM requirements *
  • Property checking based on Information Delivery Specifications (IDS) 

* To experience the real power of Smart issues, the sharing of BIM requirements and IDS, you’ll have to connect to a project in BIMcollab Nexus, for example by using the trial version.

“Smart Properties really fill the gap when you receive a model which is not perfect, but you must go on. Great advance for OpenBIM!” 

Daniel García
BIM manager, GCA Architects

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