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  • Smart Issues for time saving clash management
  • Smart Properties for structuring BIM data to your needs  
  • Fast and accurate clash detection
  • Effective clash grouping and visualization
  • Lists for extracting BIM data in tables or pivots
  • Automatically updated Power BI reports of BIM data
  • Drag and drop sharing of BIM requirements

“The speed and the childishly simple interface makes BIMcollab ZOOM very attractive.”

Menno de Jong
Project Manager, FORM

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Smooth navigation

High frame rates and smooth navigation for ALL model sizes.

Drag and drop sharing

Create clash rules and share them with your team, together with Smart views and Lists.

Fastest clash detection

Get more efficient with Smart Issues, an intelligent solution to time-consuming clash management

Structure BIM data

Create your own properties and classifications with Smart Properties.

Model data extraction

Create your own dynamic lists and easily drill down to the quantities you need.

Power BI reporting

Use your BIM model data to fuel insightful real-time dashboards of your project(s).

Discover our game changing Smart Properties

With BIMcollab ZOOM’s brand new Smart Properties you can easily re-organize and structure BIM data to your needs for consistent model validation.

Create your own properties and classifications based on existing object attributes. Or map values from different properties to a single new, user-defined property, to be used generically within Smart Views, Clash Rules or Lists. Smart Properties offer many possibilities!

“Smart Properties really fill the gap when you receive a model which is not perfect, but you must go on. Great advance for OpenBIM!”

Daniel García
BIM manager, GCA Architects