Comparing Autodesk Navisworks and BIMcollab Zoom

A seamless model validation process is of great importance for any construction project. However, due to the variety of tools available, model checking and validating are becoming increasingly complex. But what tool fits your needs? What are the differences between model checking tools?  

To help you answer these questions, this white paper compares two of the most-used model checking tools: Autodesk Navisworks and BIMcollab Zoom. The key features and workflows of the tools are discussed to give you a clear understanding of the possibilities of both tools.  

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Comparing functionalities and getting the best of Autodesk Navisworks and BIMcollab ZOOM

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About the authors

Ferran Masip has been using BIM since 2006. He is passionate about spreading the use of BIM software and helping private companies and administrations to move to BIM. As a BIM consultant, he is a true believer of openBIM solutions, involving all stakeholders and improving communication workflows in order to create better models.

BIM consultant Carole Dib quickly realized the power of new technologies in the construction process whilst working as an architect in the past. Since 2011, she has been experimenting with BIM methodologies, teaching architecture students about the most common tools, and helping international clients implement better BIM workflows. She believes we’re part of a generation that will radically transform the way things get built!

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