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7 benefits of a 'connected' workflow when validating BIM models

5 ways BIMcollab Zoom creates a connected workflow

OpenBIM projects enable efficient model-based collaboration between stakeholders. With IFC format, everyone can work on a model without using a specific modelling software. To further improve collaboration, discover 5 ways to create a connected workflow when validating BIM models.

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Respondiendo a las 5 preguntas mas frecuentes sobre validación de modelos

Top 5 FAQ about model validation answered

BIM is an integrated process, and it is not only about the geometry, but also about the information contained in every element inside these models. In this article, you will find the answers to the 5 most frequently asked questions about BIM model validation.

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5 unique ways professionals use BIMcollab ZOOM

Unique ways professionals use BIMcollab Zoom

Delivering high-quality BIM models can be easy. But in addition, we are noticing more and more BIM teams that are finding new and exciting uses for BIMcollab Zoom. Read on to discover 5 unique ways our clients are using BIMcollab, from design competitions to sharing model checking tasks.

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