New version of BIMcollab fine-tunes the details New version of BIMcollab fine-tunes the details

This week we released a new version of BIMcollab. We added functionality to approve/merge users which are created during BCF file import, enhanced the project-pages for administrators, simplified the process of purchasing extra projects or users and fixed all known bugs. We also released BCF Managers with improved BCF 2.0 support and added automatic updating. A new version of Solibri’s BCF connector with proxy support and improved reliability will follow shortly. 

NOTE: We strongly advice all users to update to the newest BCF Managers as soon as possible, because we solved some critical problems in the communication with BIMcollab. Download >
Add new projects and turn viewers into editors Add new projects and turn viewers into editors

Since the latest update it is possible on join.bimcollab.com to create new projects. You can also add two additional editors as team members. This makes it possible to explore real bimcollaboration in the free version. If you already have an account, click the 'More info'-button on the right of the project title. There you can select the 'New project'-button to create a new project. On the team member-page you can change two current team members from viewers into editors.
Oslo Technical College at the vanguard of BIM Oslo Technical College at the vanguard of BIM

To promote BIM on an educational level, the students at Oslo Technical College had the chance to use the new BCF2.0 format through the BIMcollab server. In multi-disciplined project groups the students made BCF-reports from ARCHICAD, Revit and Solibri Model Checker. Read more >
Download BCF Manager for Navisworks Download BCF Manager for Navisworks

This add-on enables you to create, zoom-to and comment on issues found in Navisworks. You can generate multiple issues from the clash detective with one click. Use the live connection with BIMcollab to publish clashes for smooth communication to team members with other BIM tools. The BCF Manager for Navisworks offers you an efficient and easy manageable OPEN BIM workflow. And it's free, so what are you waiting for? Download >
Webinar Master your BIM workflow Webinar 'Master your BIM workflow'

Participate in one of our interactive webinars "Master your BIM workflow" on June 17th or 25th. Do you want to learn more about the possibilities of issue management for BIM, or learn about the main functionalities of BIMcollab? Register today >
Any questions? We give you free support! Any questions? We give you free support!

If you ever are in need of support for BIMcollab or one of the BCF Managers, then take a look at our online support-section. You can find quick answers to your questions, tutorials, downloads and the release history. Or fill out the form to correspond with the people working on BIMcollab and BCF Managers. Read more >
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