BIMcollab for education

Learn how to create optimal BIM coordination workflows by educating state-of-the-art BIM software. 
BIMcollab offers its solutions for free to schools and universities. Students all over the world can practice with BIMcollab Nexus, Twin, Zoom and all connected plugins like BCF managers to learn all about optimal BIM workflows. Give your students a head start on the job market with BIMcollab. 

As an associate professor, I use BIMcollab Zoom in the examination of my student’s BIM project at the end of the semester. I’m impressed with the speed and how fast I can load a model, do 3D sections, and inspect it in no time.”

Jonas Lynge Nielsen, Associate Professor at Zealand DK

BIMcollab is used by over 200 educational institutions worldwide 

How to get started

BIMcollab for students 

For students, there are various options available to work with the BIMcollab ecosystem: 

  1. Use the free version ( of BIMcollab Nexus for small student groups. 
  1. Receive an Educational space from your teacher. This way, you can work with Nexus, Twin and Zoom in large student groups. 
  1. Get started with model checking with your own Zoom student license. Note: you’ll need to reapply every academic year.  

Fill out the form below and attach a copy of your student ID to receive a free Zoom student license.  

BIMcollab for teachers and university lecturers 

As a teacher or lecturer at an educational institution, you can give your students the opportunity to work with BIMcollab. There are several options to get started:  

  1. Get a free educational BIMcollab Space (all features included) with Zoom licenses included for students. 
  1. Would you like a free personal Zoom license? You can, in case it’s used for educational purposes. 

Receive a BIMcollab Nexus and/or Twin space (incl. Zoom licenses), or a free personal Zoom license, by filling out the form below. We’ll be in touch shortly.  

”The last couple of years, my students and I have successfully used BIMcollab in our virtual construction course at Malmö University. We are very grateful for that. We look forward to managing our model issues in BIMcollab in our course again.”

Niclas Andersson, Associate Professor at Malmö University