What is BIMcollab on-premise?

You can install the on-premise versions of BIMcollab Twin and Nexus on your own servers. It gives you full control of data security, uptime, and back-ups. In the cloud-based versions of BIMcollab Twin and Nexus, we take care of all that (ISO certified), making it more cost efficient.  

When do you choose on-premise?

Although our data center and data security comply to the highest standards, for some projects it might be required that the data is hosted in a specific country or on privately owned servers. In that case, the on-premise versions offer a good solution.  

Open or closed for high security 

With the on-premise versions, you are in control of how open for internet access your BIMcollab space will be. The on-premise versions can even function in a fully closed environment with no connection to the internet at all.

When run in a closed network, users can still connect and login, even from BCF Managers and BIMcollab Zoom, if they are logged in into the same network. In that case, they don’t require an internet connection. During an assessment before installation, we will walk you through all the options and explain the technical consequences. 

Limited functionality in
on-premise versions  

It is important to note that the on-premise versions have limited functionality and less frequent updates. For instance, the on-premise versions don’t offer the Model Web Viewing features. These features depend on cloud-based technology and cannot be guaranteed in an on-premise situation.

We can discuss to provide an on-premise BIMcollab Twin/Nexus version for clients with special server requirements; available exclusively with Nexus Ultimate and Twin Ultimate for installations of 500+ users.

On-premise installation in three steps

Step 1

You conduct an assessment

Review the delivery procedure steps and ensure that your company meets all of the requirements stated. You can find the on-premise requirements here.

Step 2

We install the software

The server will be registered and installed from our internal BIMcollab Control Centre. After installation, our support team shall perform a series of routine checks. 

Step 3

Ready for use

Once everything is checked and approved, your on-premise version is ready to use. Now, you can disconnect your server from the internet if you wish to do so. 

Interested in an on-premise version?

Contact us for more info and prices.