Integrated BIM tools will help you work more efficiently

Our BCF Managers are plugins available for all popular BIM tools, like: Navisworks, Revit, Archicad and many more. They enable you to create, multi-edit, filter, comment and lookup issues directly in the context of your BIM model. No more switching between applications.

Share issues with team members via BIMcollab whether they are working with the same or different BIM tools.

Review solutions, provide feedback or prepare review meetings with favorites. Use private issues, the approval workflow or notify team members.

Software producers are welcome to connect their software to our ever-growing platform. Therefore, not all plugins are produced and maintained by the BIMcollab team.

Get started with BIMcollab in your own BIM software

These BCF Managers are designed, tested, released and maintained by the BIMcollab team. Using other connected BIM software? Then the BCF connectors are available on their websites or in the software itself.

Efficient interface

The interface offers everything you need to create and solve issues in one clear overview, as list or resizable tiles. When creating or editing issues all issue properties can be accessed. The transparent issue filter, available when you are connected to BIMcollab Cloud, helps you to never overlook issues which are assigned to you. Synchronize your work in one single click. 

The section box functionality makes you more productive when identifying issues by showing you the context directly around selected elements.

Camera positioning

Finding the location of issues in your model is an essential part of the workflow. Viewpoints position automatically in your model and even account for possible differences in coordinate systems, like survey points in Revit or Archicad. Component highlighting and the zoom-to options help with working with very big models.

High performance

Speed is important, especially when dealing with large models and large number of issues. The ease of connecting, downloading and publishing is

Navisworks Clash Detective

The BCF Manager for Navisworks allows you to import thousands of clashes at once from the Clash Detective or from your saved viewpoints. Meta data is added, like issue descriptions and comments (e.g. clash status, clash point, assigned to, approval data and more). New model versions with resolved clashes? No problem: you can update issues in BIMcollab Cloud from the clash-detective as well, like update clash status or assign to someone to approve the solution.

“Navisworks and BIMcollab Cloud work brilliantly together”

– Michael Hudson on Twitter