Your BIM execution process with BIMcollab

The BIMcollab ecosystem offers all you need to communicate effectively about requirements, model checks, information retrieval and issues to reach high quality BIM

Light-weight model federation

The model federation in ZOOM is light-weight, multi-user, can be shared via the cloud and integrates with any file-sharing solution on the market. Easy to set-up and editable by appointed members of your team. No limitations, bottlenecks and waiting times caused by the need of BIM managers to combine or update models in one big file or uploading to the cloud.

Team members can even add local, personal models or apply personal changes on the fly without interrupting others.

Find the correct model-files

When you connect ZOOM to a BIMcollab project in the cloud, ZOOM will know where to look for the models to load. Also ZOOM will immediately show you which models are removed from the project or replaced with newer versions. And finally, ZOOM can remember your personal preferences for which models to load in the 3D window.

Whether it is the quantity surveyor who wants to federate the latest model against an older version to lookup quantity-changes, a manufacturer to validate his new model against requirements, or a BIM manager checking a revision. All these situations can be handled with minimal effort with the new folder sharing feature in ZOOM, combined with any file-sharing solution available.

Requirement sharing

What more can be shared via BIMcollab Cloud projects:

  • Requirements as Smart views and Clash rules.
  • Issues to communicate about model quality.
  • Lists and extracted information.
  • ZOOM licenses to minimize costs for software.

BIMcollab is the platform of choice when you want your team to collaborate on BIM model quality in the most efficient way.

ZOOM Free to participate

ZOOM Free users can participate in above process of federation-, requirement- and information sharing when connecting to BIMcollab Cloud, but miss out on the clash-detection and data extraction.

However, they can load multiple models, create and share Smart views, and retrieve Lists that are created with the full version of ZOOM. And naturally, collaborating on issues is fully supported with no limitation.

Let us demonstrate the BIM execution process


Flexible licensing

ZOOM uses a very modern and flexible licensing system. You can get personal licenses linked to one email address but you can also add ZOOM licenses to your private BIMcollab space. There you can setup license pools to hand-out and share licenses with team members to make optimal use of available licenses.

Need more advanced model checking?

BIMcollab ZOOM offers all basic model checking and information extraction features your team will need. But no worries if you want to take model checking a step further. All popular BIM tools connect to BIMcollab, allowing you to extend your BIM execution process in BIMcollab with other software, anytime you want. See a list here.