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Issues can be hard to keep track of. Using spreadsheets will leave you with an unmanageable number of files and versions. How do you know what is communicated with whom and with which file? Costly mistakes are lurking around the corner.

BIMcollab Cloud centralizes all the issues of your project and offers a clear up-to-date overview, intuitive functionality and insightful reporting features. Set deadlines to issues, assign them to team members and receive notifications whenever a change has been made. Updated issues are directly available within your team’s BIM software, so there are no issues slipping through the cracks.

It’s that easy.

Connect BIMcollab with everything

BIMcollab Cloud is an easy-to-use and powerful issue management platform in the cloud. Issues are directly linked to positions and objects in your model and accessible via web browsers or directly from your BIM software. Imagine clicking an issue in your own BIM tool and being zoomed to its position in your model. You’ll have all the information where it’s needed to lookup, create and solve issues.

Connect your favorite BIM tools, like Navisworks, Revit, Solibri, Archicad and Tekla. Access your models via CDE integrations like Autodesk DocsTrimble ConnectDropbox Business and more to come. Advanced reporting? Connect Microsoft Power BI and build extensive custom reports for all your stakeholders.

We’re the most versatile issue coordination platform.

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Smart Issues show progress of clash resolutions

BIMcollab’s new Smart Issues know the clashes they represent, to which objects they belong, and when they are reported or solved. This intelligent solution prevents the overhead caused by redundant clash-reporting, even by other team members.

Reported clashes now become Smart Issues in the cloud, which show your model’s progress in two ways:

  • You can view the status per linked clash
  • The default viewpoint always shows the latest update

This auto-documenting of clash resolutions allows you to easily get an overview of the progress in clash resolution, just by looking at the issue tiles. More green is more progress!

Autodesk Docs & Trimble Connect integration

Keep using your favorite model sharing platform

The Autodesk Docs and Trimble Connect integrations provide BIM teams access to models stored in Autodesk Docs and Trimble Connect, directly from the BIMcollab web application. Team members can review the federated model, create issues or review existing issues without the need for uploading files to a secondary repository or installing a model viewer. The integration is part of our popular Connected Plan.

More benefits

Simplify communication

Set deadlines to issues, add comments and viewpoints, assign them to team members, who directly get an email notification. Or choose to receive a daily or weekly activity overview.

Track your progress

Simple and illustrative graphs offer instant insight into the workload and progress of your team. Your personal home page also shows the latest project activities. Tracking everything also provides you with a complete and transparent audit trail.

Create reports

Create reports of issues or activity-lists in PDF and XLS. Set up filters or select individual issues. Private Issues can easily be hidden for presentation purposes. Or load BIMcollab data directly into Power BI.

Roles & approval

Use one of four roles to define team members’ rights. Assign project- or area owners to receive new issues or define who needs to approve issues before they can be closed. Set up your own workflow.

On premise version available

When you need to have full control of data security or your projects require that the data is hosted on privately owned servers: we offer an on-premise version with BIMcollab Cloud Enterprise.

Your data is safe

BIMcollab runs under SSL and all sensitive data is encrypted at rest in our database. Your data is backed up daily, safe and securely stored in our ISO certified data center.

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This is what our users have to say

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our users think of BIMcollab Cloud.


After trying and getting to know the BIMcollab workflow, you will not want to go back. After just one year of using the software, we managed to achieve a completely collision-free federated model!

Agron Deralla, BIM Coordinator


Thanks to BIMcollab we can manage a large number (100.000) of issues and clashes, especially for teams working on different locations. It’s our main tool for tracking all issues and clashes.”

Aitor Chavarri, BIM manager

AW2 Architects

We noticed that once we started using it as a collaboration and issue management tool, the project started to flow a lot smoother and meetings were fewer and shorter.”

Tony Fitzpatrick, Head of BI

Looking for a better way to manage your BIM projects?

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