Why start with an Enterprise Plan

If you’re looking to apply issue management across multiple offices and departments, and want to gain insight, the Enterprise Plan is your weapon of choice. It’s our most complete plan. Have more insights, more control, an unlimited number of license pools for Floating BIMcollab ZOOM licenses, and more.

Top level project management

Less effort, more control

The Enterprise plan makes it possible for you to assign projects and activities to different offices and departments. You’ll be able to segregate costs and performance data per project, while gaining the insights that you need for top level project management. 

Business review meeting

In addition to having access to every single feature available, the Enterprise plan also offers a business review meeting (next to free training sessions for plans with more than 50 users). This ensures your projects will keep running as smooth and effective as possible when new features are being released.

Unlimited ZOOM license pools

A collaborative advantage

License pools enable a smarter and more flexible way of assigning BIMcollab ZOOM Floating licenses to users. You have complete control over how your teams are using available licenses.

For example: let power users have unrestricted access to licenses, while occasional users share licenses in a group. Or you can create a license pool for external users who you want to give temporary access to a ZOOM license (e.g. only for your project).

Note: when a space contains Named ZOOM licenses, license pools are not available.

Single Sign-On

The Enterprise plan allows you to set up a link to Azure Directory to offer your users Single Sign-On (SSO) to log in with their company Microsoft account.

Also you can download user access logs to keep an eye on BIMcollab usage.

Professional issue management at its finest