Protocols for data standardization 

Protocols help you create and check project agreements on metadata, disciplines, and aspect models. Information that does not comply can automatically be marked or even refused during upload.  

All stakeholders can check the protocols to gain insight into the project’s agreements and defined way of working. Protocols give you control over the large amount of data involved in a project. For example, you can put the BIM execution plan into Protocols.  

Automate with Workflows

The intuitive visual interface of Workflows makes it simple and easy to translate every process into an automated workflow. Define actions based on conditions, like inspection for approval, notifications and more, in the order and timing you prefer. With clear reports, the progress of workflows is always transparent.  

BIMcollab Twin Automation

Checked, published and stamped 

Within BIMcollab Twin, the complete history of models and documents is available. However, only approved documents are important for the construction of the building. Approved documents are published and stamped with a QR-code, allowing everyone (including external stakeholders on-site) to check the status of a document or drawing at any time by simply scanning it. This prevents many costly mistakes. 

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