Protocols for data standardization 

Protocols help you create and check project agreements on metadata, disciplines, and aspect models. Information that does not comply can automatically be marked or even refused during upload.  

All stakeholders can check the protocols to gain insight into the project’s agreements and defined way of working. Protocols give you control over the large amount of data involved in a project. For example, you can put the BIM execution plan into Protocols.  

Automate with Workflows

The intuitive visual interface of Workflows makes it simple and easy to translate every process into an automated workflow. Define actions based on conditions, like inspection for approval, notifications and more, in the order and timing you prefer. With clear reports, the progress of workflows is always transparent.  

BIMcollab Twin Automation

Initiate Workflows for timely audits and feedback 

Optimize the review and approval process with scheduled Workflows. This enables you to improve collaboration by assigning the right team members to give timely feedback, make changes, or approve projects. This helps maintain high quality by catching errors early and ensures that everything meets regulatory standards and policies. Setting clear roles and deadlines avoids confusion and delays, making the document approval process smoother.

Simplify the document revision process

Improve your team’s change management process with a transparent document revision process. Get a clear overview of all ongoing revisions, including the status and completion of each task for several documents involved. Once revisions are assigned, all related documents are temporarily frozen until updates are approved and uploaded, to prevent conflicting versions. This way, you know that all documents are correct and up to date throughout the process.

Checked, published and stamped 

You can streamline access to document status by using QR-codes stamped upon approval and publishing. A quick scan ensures that all stakeholders (including on-site) access the correct version from the complete history of models and documents within BIMcollab Twin. Publish confidently, knowing that clarity and accuracy are just a scan away, preventing costly mistakes in the construction process. This prevents many costly mistakes. 

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