Document management

BIMcollab Twin provides a robust document management system (DMS) that allows you to link all information from the DMS to individual objects within your 3D model, enabling you and your team to easily search and manage project information. 

Improve document visibility

Combine document storage and management with BIMcollab Twin, Documents can easily be saved in multiple smart folders, which increases visibility, makes documents easier to find, and simplifies version management. By enhancing document visibility with metadata, all related documents can easily be connected to the building structure.

Build context around your documents

Documents and documentation can easily be attached or detached to one or multiple objects in your 3D model, linking them to the spatial structure of the building. This way, you can search for relevant documents by building, floor, room, or even specific building elements. Besides, it enables users to access documents based on the projects and phases they are involved with. Viewing documents within the context of the model enhances team collaboration and coordination. 

Simplify document viewing 

Open and view any IFC, PDF or DWG files directly in the browser – no additional downloads or installations are required. You will know exactly which document is the latest version, with version history and QR codes to avoid duplications and costly mistakes. 

Easily share documents to boost collaboration

Regulate document access based on project, project phase, and other criteria, to ensure teams only access what they need for their specific tasks. Customize your document lists to match your project requirements and use filters to refine them as needed. Additionally, provide external stakeholders with access to documents based on work packages. That way, stakeholders such as subcontractors understand the scope of work involved. 

Optimize the document revision process

Gain a clear overview of all ongoing document revisions, including the status and completion of each task for the involved documents. When revisions are assigned, all related documents can be temporarily frozen until the updates are approved and uploaded, preventing conflicting versions. Once approved, the latest version is published. This ensures that all stakeholders have access to accurate and up-to-date documents throughout the process.

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