An open platform

With BIMcollab Twin, there is no need to copy data or upload it to several cloud solutions. You can manage all data in one location, enabling linked data instead of duplication: a single source of truth. Our Open API allows BIMcollab Twin users to freely choose their preferred ecosystem of linked applications. You can work with the best of your trusted apps. 

Power BI connector 

With our Power BI Connector, all data from BIMcollab Twin can easily be linked to Power BI to create extensive dashboards and clear visual reports. No technical knowledge is required. You can create reports and dashboards based on the data in BIMcollab Twin, or combined with other data sources, such as the issues in BIMcollab Nexus.

More BIMcollab Twin integrations 

We enable integrations with numerous applications and are always open to suggestions for new integrations of your choice. The following client-specific integrations with Dutch software vendors give examples of the possibilities: 

Beecot Augmented Reality

offers access to the information stored in BIMcollab Twin via a smartphone or tablet (iPad). The App also allows team members to annotate and create issues in BIMcollab Nexus. Check as-built versus planned (construction) or modelled versus as-built (reality capture).

KYP Project

is a planning and communication tool for construction companies. As soon as a task is completed, the connected element in BIMcollab Twin turns green, or red when delayed. Easy, right?

AutoCAD plug in (beta)

allows users to publish new versions of their DWG drawings directly into BIMcollab Twin, automatically adding drawing information to meta-data fields of the drawing in BIMcollab Twin. 


manages Building requirements, that project partners can use to check if nothing is forgotten and if the requirements are clear. Requirements can be linked to BIM objects and visualized in BIMcollab Twin.

Ed Controls 

lets  you record instructions or construction errors (tickets) on drawings, which are then automatically synchronized to BIMcollab Twin.


is a software for planned maintenance and is widely used by housing associations, governments, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and business services. The connection with BIMcollab Twin ensures a direct and accurate exchange of substantial amounts of data, share an up-to-date status of multi-year maintenance plans. 

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