Smart Properties

With Smart Properties you can easily classify and restructure BIM data without the need of asking authors to change their models. They also improve and speed up your workflow, because they structure BIM data centrally. They can be used everywhere. For example, to drive Smart views, Clash rules and Lists. Therefore, the data only needs to be structured once and not for every model check again.

Validate more efficient

With Smart Views you can dynamically show and color- code components based on their properties and quickly gain insight in the quality of the information in your BIM model. When a problem is identified, you can immediately create an issue for others to solve.

Save time on clash management

BIMcollab’s Smart Issues know the clashes they represent, to which objects they belong, and when they are reported or solved. Smart Issues can check the status of linked clashes automatically, without a user having to rerun clash-detection rules.

Data extraction reinvented

BIMcollab ZOOM’s Lists offer an unprecedented solution for extracting and sharing information from your BIM model. Create your own dynamic lists via drag & drop and easily drill down to the quantities you need.

Automated Clash Management

ZOOM Nightshift can perform scripted automated tasks to automate issue management even further. By running Nightshift, ZOOM can check new model versions and update Smart Issues in the cloud. Your clash overview will be up-to-date when you return to work in the morning!

Ready to speed up your model validation process?