BIM information at your fingertips

BIMcollab ZOOM revolutionizes the way you extract and share information from your BIM models. Share Lists via the cloud, several file formats and Power BI dashboards.

Data extraction reinvented

The new BIMcollab ZOOM introduces an unprecedented solution for extracting and sharing information from your BIM model: Lists. Create your own dynamic lists via drag & drop and easily drill down to the quantities you need.

  • Easily define lists to combine BIM information that you need for your project. Just drag & drop.
  • Work with insightful property tables, Excel-like pivot grids or raw dashboard data.
  • Interact with your model while clicking results. Get to the bottom of understanding the design.
  • Share your lists with your team via BIMcollab Cloud to view online or with other ZOOM users (even those who have the Viewer version). Start real cloud collaboration.

Share BIM data in the cloud

Getting relevant BIM information to your stakeholders has never been easier. The new ZOOM facilitates effortless sharing of defined Lists via BIMcollab Cloud to all team members. Anyone can have access to correct and up-to-date BIM information.

Team members simply need to log in to BIMcollab Cloud to find the lists that you prepared in BIMcollab ZOOM. Filters can be used to lookup specific information in your shared lists.

Also supported in the Viewer version of BIMcollab ZOOM, so even external stakeholders can view your BIM information!

Use BIM information in Power BI

BIMcollab’s updated Power BI connector can directly access List data allowing you to create advanced dashboards and reports with the world’s most used data visualization tool. This enables a real-time insight into the progress and quality of your BIM model, even for the non-BIM users among your stakeholders. 

Why not try Lists for yourself?