What are Smart Issues?

Smart Issues know the clashes they represent, to which objects they belong, and when they are reported or solved. This solution prevents the overhead caused by redundant clash-reporting, even by other team members. Smart issues can check the status of linked clashes automatically, without a user having to rerun clash-detection rules. This opens new, more reliable and smarter workflows, taking less time.

Issues ‘know’ clashes

When you zoom-to a Smart Issue, ZOOM will show you the involved clash-boxes with fresh colors reflecting their status in the new model. This immediate visual feedback is possible by running a quick clash-detection in the background, and gives you a very powerful and easy way to evaluate and update issues.

And as you might have guessed: when you receive new model versions, Smart Issues can be automatically checked, updated and closed. Just with one single command!

Prevent duplicate reporting

Smart Issues prevent duplicate reporting. Even if you run other clash-rules, with different clash grouping, in a later stage, ZOOM will recognize the clash immediately and show its status: reported, ignored or new.

The best part: if team members run their own clash-rules, ZOOM will still recognize the reported clashes and the issues they belong to. Enabling large teams to divide the workload across multiple BIM managers.

“For large projects, I can now finally work with several people at the same time. So far, we often had duplicate issues. In any case, this is a work relief!”

Sirri El Jundi, Architect and Founder at Jundi Schrade Baumeister (JSB)

Progress visible in the cloud

Reported clashes become Smart Issues in the cloud, which show progress in two ways:

  • You can view the status per linked clash
  • The default viewpoint always shows the latest update

This auto-documenting of clash resolutions allows you to easily get an overview of the progress in clash resolution, just by looking to the issue tiles. More green is more progress!

Selectable, colored clash-boxes

The introduction of Smart Issues, brings an update to the clash detection, seperating duplicates from clashes. Also, the already fancy clash-boxes become even more clear with color coded status, independent of used rules and grouping. Clash-boxes are now selectable for fast and easy manual reporting.

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