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6 Key Benefits of BIM in the AEC industry 

BIM is revolutionizing the AEC industry by transforming how buildings and infrastructure projects are designed, constructed, and managed. This article explores the key benefits of BIM, highlighting how it optimizes project workflows, enhances collaboration, and drives cost-effectiveness.

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Top 12 BIM Terms Explained

In the ever-changing world of construction, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a key technology that boosts efficiency, accuracy, and teamwork. It’s essential for anyone in this field to understand BIM and its related concepts. This article breaks down some important terms you’ll come across in BIM, from the basic idea of BIM itself to more specific concepts like Common Data Environment (CDE), Digital Twins and more. 


BIM vs CAD: Exploring the key differences

In today’s design and construction landscape, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) are essential. BIM is more than just a mere tool. It brings the digital world to life and fosters seamless collaboration with its detailed models. CAD, on the other hand, is a proven tool that provides precision and clarity with its

What is BIM?

What is BIM? An in-depth look at Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is transforming the way we design, construct, and manage the built environment. BIM empowers architects, engineers, contractors, and even building owners to collaborate more effectively, streamline processes, and make data-driven decisions throughout a structure’s lifecycle. This guide will unlock everything you need to know about the power of BIM.

What is your BIM Maturity Level? A BIMcollab Test

Ready to gauge your BIM maturity? Our quick and easy tool offers a snapshot of where you or your organization stands in the BIM landscape. In just 4 minutes, you’ll have valuable insights to spark meaningful discussions and drive positive change within your team. Remember, this calculator is a starting point, not a substitute for in-depth analysis or expert advice. Let’s get started!

3 ways BIM stimulates the transition to a circular construction economy

It is clear: only with circular solutions we can create and maintain a liveable planet. For construction, this means that all elements of a building that is being designed now must be a 100 percent circular in the future. Luckily, software such as BIMcollab can help you achieve that goal. In this blog, we’ll give three examples in which BIM stimulates the transition to a circular construction economy.

5 inspiring examples of how BIM professionals use BIMcollab

5 inspiring examples of how BIM professionals use BIMcollab

You are starting a new BIM project and will use BIMcollab to coordinate your project efficiently. You have been down this path many times before. However, what if there is something new that can inspire you to improve your BIM workflow? In this blog we’ll share 5 unique ways our trusted customers use BIMcollab.

openBIM vs. closedBIM: key differences and why openBIM is the better choice 

The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has changed how construction projects are planned, carried out, and managed. There are two main ways to do this—openBIM and closedBIM. Each approach has its own way of working, file types, and effects on traditional versus new BIM methods. This blog uncovers the key differences.

7 benefits of a 'connected' workflow when validating BIM models

5 ways BIMcollab Zoom creates a connected BIM workflow

OpenBIM projects enable efficient model-based collaboration between stakeholders. With buildingSMART’s IFC format, everyone can work on a model without having to use specific modelling software. To further improve collaboration, this blog discusses 5 ways in which BIMcollab Zoom can create a connected workflow when validating BIM models.

Solving issues in BIM models effectively - Cloud versus file

Solving issues in BIM models: cloud-based vs. file-based

An efficient BIM process ensures a high-quality BIM model that helps save time, cost and frustration during the design and construction phase. Part of that process is the coordinating and solving of model issues. There are two ways of doing that: file-based ancllcfd cloud-based. Let’s explore the differences and why cloud-based issue management is the better choice.

8 tips to accelerate your open BIM project

8 tips to accelerate your openBIM project

Open BIM projects are complex and require a lot of communication. Hence, effective communication is key to accelerating your BIM project. It enables you to improve project efficiency and quality. To help you achieve that, this blog will give you 8 tips to accelerate communication in your BIM project.

BIM issue coordination: 7 reasons why worksheets don’t work.

BIM issue coordination: 7 reasons why spreadsheets don’t work

Any BIM project involves issues. But how you create, communicate and coordinate issues has a huge effect on your project’s efficiency. Spreadsheets are still commonly used to exchange issues but are proven to be ineffective. Let us look at 7 reasons why spreadsheets don’t work, and what could be a solution to overcome these problems.

How BIMcollab can help achieve the expectations of the Golden Thread.

How to achieve the expectations of the golden thread using BIMcollab 

Fire safety is a key part of any construction process. In the UK, the golden thread principle has been introduced to ensure everyone has access to key safety information throughout the lifecycle of a building. In this blog, we will discuss how BIMcollab can assist in meeting the expectations of the golden thread.

How BIMcollab can help deliver COBie data on your project

Collecting and delivering complete COBie data is a challenge for many project teams. BIMcollab can be of assistance in automating this process. This blog considers five ways in which BIMcollab can help verify, communicate about and deliver COBie data for your project.

BIMcollab Twin | Data in a grab bag or bookcase?

As far as I’m concerned, the possibilities of BIM are among the innovations of the century. However, not everyone is convinced yet, as it turns out during a dinner with a friend… Grab bag I let my friend imagine putting his phone and his house keys in a grab bag and explain that these two

7 reasons why a connected workflow will make a huge difference for your BIM project!

7 reasons why a connected workflow will make a huge difference for your BIM project!

Let’s explore together how a connected workflow will save you time and money in 7 essential points.

5 Golden Rules of a BIM Workflow

Only a few decades ago, buildings were conceived on paper. Any mistake meant scraping or starting over. And data was kept in big bulky folders.

Must see: the best BIMcollab webinars of 2022

Must see: the best BIMcollab webinars of 2022

Last year we organized 28 webinars in English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch, which received more than 8.200 registrations. We created an overview of the most popular webinars, let’s look back!