Create, save, and share BIMcollab's federated models via Dropbox

Create, save, and share BIMcollab’s federated models via Dropbox

Sharing files via web-based services have quickly become an important part of our day-to-day work. So are federated models. But now the challenge is to choose where to find your files across multiple available web-based tools each offering specialized features.

The integration with Dropbox for Business lets you work with federated models in BIMcollab Zoom right from shared Dropbox folders and managed from your BIMcollab project settings.

Organize your models

Once you’ve setup the connection between BIMcollab and your Dropbox account, BIMcollab takes care of creating the Project folder in Dropbox, starts to invite the team members you want to join, and grants them access. When the BIM manager or project leader then stores the federated models in that Dropbox folder, right alongside your other project-files, all team members can automatically open the federated model in BIMcollab Zoom, by simply connecting to that specific project in BIMcollab Nexus: Zoom will know where to look!

This new feature will make it easier to organize and share your federated models by letting you:

  • Automatically find the federated model-files from BIMcollab Zoom after connecting to a project in BIMcollab Nexus.
  • Add, remove or update files in the shared folder and automatically update the federated model setup to share with your team members, whether they are working on Windows or Mac.
  • You don’t have to save and share project (.bcp) files anymore; BIMcollab & Zoom manage that for you automatically via the cloud.

Manage the model

Sharing and real-time co-working on the same federated model is part of what’s made BIMcollab Zoom become so popular as BIM viewing and validation tool. Adding a IFC or point cloud file to your project automatically saves it to the project’s shared Dropbox folder and grant team members access – no need to leave Zoom or BIMcollab – so everyone can get to work. You’ll also be able to:

  • Manage access. Add new team members in BIMcollab and grant them access to the model files; the rest is taken care of: they will be invited and setup to get going. Team members will see BIMcollab’s project folder appear in their Dropbox. And since sharing is managed by Dropbox but setup via BIMcollab there’s nothing additional for team admins to manage.
  • You can also set permissions to your internal team-only – to keep work inside your company – or to anyone you want, for sharing outside your Dropbox Business team.
  • Get feedback. Comments made on your models can be shared as issues via BIMcollab; use centrally prepared smart views and clash rules for model validation and checking. So you can stay up to date without checking multiple file locations or searching for checks to be performed.

How to get started

This feature is abailable as part of BIMcollab Nexus – Connected plan and the new version of BIMcollab Zoom. Once activated by the project leader in BIMcollab Nexus, he/she can start sharing federated models via Dropbox and BIMcollab Zoom . All normal Dropbox functionality and apps can be used as you are used to do.