How to experience collaboration via BIMcollab by yourself

How to experience collaboration via BIMcollab by yourself

Collaboration amongst team members is one of the pillars of an effective issue management workflow. When collaborating, working in sync across various software is the KEY to a smooth and successful BIM workflow. However, this is hard to experience if you're trying out our solutions by yourself.

Let us help you with that. In just 10 minutes, we'll guide you through some simple steps to let you experience how easy, yet powerful, collaboration via BIMcollab Cloud can be.


Step 1 | Congratulations, you're the BIM manager!


  • Log in to your free BIMcollab Cloud account
  • Click on the BIMcollab Example Project under 'My Projects'.
  • Take a look at the existing issues in this project via the 'Issues' tab. You now have insight in current statusses and project progress. Keep your browser open.

BIMcollab example project

Step 2 | Let's pretend you're a team member who wants to view the issues in a model viewer


Windows: C:/Users/Public/Documents/BIMcollab ZOOM/Sample
MacApplications/BIMcollab ZOOM/Sample

  • Choose ‘Connect to BIMcollab’ and fill in the credentials of your free BIMcollab Cloud account.


  • Select your ‘BIMcollab Example Project’ and click OK.
  • Discover all issues in this project via the "Issues" tab.

In sync

You now have access to all the issues from the project. These are the same as you've seen in the previous step (as a BIM manager). Every remark, status change, etc. are up to date and in sync with all your team members. Working from a single source of thruth speeds up the workflow and eliminates the risk of working with outdated issues.

Connect BIMcollab with everything

Best thing is: you can access your project issues in most popular BIM tools (e.g. Navisworks, Revit, Archicad, Tekla, etc) by connecting to your BIMcollab Project via one of our free BCF Managers. Just like you just did in BIMcollab ZOOM!

Navisworks BCF Manager

- Project members who work with Navisworks can view issues by connecting to your project via our BCF Manager for Navisworks-



Try it yourself. Create your own workflow!