Starting with (new) model validation software: why BIMcollab ZOOM makes it easy

Starting with (new) model validation software: why BIMcollab Zoom makes it easy

Users describe BIMcollab Zoom as easy to use, easy to learn, and especially like its intuitive interface and features. Why? These are the arguments that commonly come up when users talk about BIMcollab Zoom:

Quick start

Starting with BIMcollab Zoom is exceptionally easy. Light download, quick installation, simple activation and that is it, Zoom Viewer is ready to be used. No hidden steps or requirements. And when you are ready, simply activate your paid license to experience the full potential of Zoom.

Simple interface

One fact many users agree on is that BIMcollab Zoom’s simple and intuitive interface makes it easy for any new user to quickly get started, even when using the most advanced features. Because users are not spending extensive time on onboarding and learning tasks, they can quickly jump into the project tasks, focusing on the most important challenges.

Essential features

Even the Viewer version of BIMcollab Zoom provides you with invaluable features like opening and combining multiple IFC files, visually validating the models with Smart Views, and a fully integrated issue management workflow.
The full version comes with advanced features like fast clash detection and extensive BIM data extraction through lists, as well as the drag & drop sharing of rules. With all these features available under one roof, users have everything they need to efficiently validate BIM models.

As with every new software, there are common hurdles new users are anticipating before they even start. We’ve used our years of experience to focus on providing a tool that can be easily used from the start by all users.

Read below how Zoom tackles some of the most common challenges of starting with new software.

1. Use your operating system of choice

Some BIM users work with Microsoft Windows, and others are using macOS. Even within the same team. This is no obstacle for the Zoom workflows, as Zoom is supported on both platforms, so anyone can experience Zoom in their preferred operating system.

2. Select your preferred language for using Zoom

We understand that not being able to use a BIM tool to its full potential because of a language barrier is frustrating.

That is why BIMcollab Zoom’s interface is available in 7 languages (English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese), and we are always adding new translations. Whether you just want a daily workflow in a language that you are the most comfortable in, or you want to ensure you are meeting project language requirements: Zoom is a key component to your success. Choose the language which fits you best.

3. Choose from multiple resources to help you learn

We have all been there: one moment you are enthusiastically downloading a new tool, the next moment you are confused about what it offers or how to get started.

We at BIMcollab firmly believe that helping our users have a quick and smooth start is a key to their success, which is why we offer several helpful resources. Start by following our guided onboarding tour (find it in Zoom under Help > Introduction Tour), search commonly asked questions in our Helpcenter, or contact our support team (we even have a live chat!).

We also offer free consultancy meetings with our experts to review your workflows, help your larger team get up to speed or answer any questions.

4. Have unlimited access to free features

Who doesn’t like free stuff? But so often the free stuff comes with ending testing periods and hidden limitations.

BIMcollab gets that everyone should have access to the right model checking requirements. Zoom offers unlimited usage of all of its free features – open multiple IFC files, check your models with Smart Views, and create any number of coordination issues. In the full version of Zoom, you can share a license between 4 members, who all have unlimited access to creating and sharing rules. Zoom is a model viewer that provides essential tools without hindering.

5. Experience easy communication and coordination

Sure, you are using this great tool, but how do you communicate your findings with the rest of the team? Easy!

The integrated Issues tab provides you immediate access to issue coordination, by connecting to a BIMcollab Nexus project either in your cloud. The manual process of gathering of screenshots and emailing is in the past. With Zoom, you can share coordination tasks, remarks and quality improvements issues with a few clicks, without leaving the software.

6. Share checking rules with your team via drag and drop

For a long time, model checking was reserved for coordinators who were isolated from the rest of the team in their model checking efforts.

With Zoom’s possibility to share checking rules, multiple team members can join the effort. Simply create or drag and drop rules in the Shared folder, and other project members with Zoom rights can check their models with the same rules and requirements, or have insight into your findings.

7. Upgrade with ease

Having a free BIM tool with extensive features comes in very handy. But when you are at a point where more advanced features need to be added, you often have to go through a lengthy process of purchasing, upgrading and transferring your data.

With Zoom you can easily upgrade Zoom Viewer to the full version. Fetch a license from your team’s license pool, or activate your personal license, and unleash the full capabilities of Clash detection, Smart Issues, model data extraction with the List feature, or visualizing essential information through the Power BI integration.

Want to try all Zoom features before purchasing a license? Sign up for a 30-day trial to experience best-in-class model validation.

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