Must see: the best BIMcollab webinars of 2022

Must see: the best BIMcollab webinars of 2022

Did you know we provide most of our webinars in 6 different languages? Last year we organized 28 webinars in English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch, which received more than 8.200 registrations. This year, we plan to bring you much more content like this! While we are preparing the 2023 webinar agenda, we created a summary for you consisting of the most popular content of 2022, so you can (re)watch the recordings as many times as you want to.

Please note: A lot of webinars are available in multiple languages. You can switch languages by clicking on the globe in the menu bar and will find the top 2021 webinars on the event page.

1. Launch event: Smart Properties

On June 9th of 2022, we released a game-changing feature: Smart Properties. With Smart Properties, you can re-organize and structure BIM data to your needs by creating your own properties and classifications based on existing object attributes.

In this webinar, Christian Dalhuizen, one of our BIM experts, walked you through the following topics:

  • Speed up validation, and list workflows
  • Simplify your BIM protocol
  • Add your own classifications
  • Enrich received BIM data

If you are interested in this new feature, make sure to view the webinar on Smart Properties.

2. Webinar: Model validation made easy

You already know how important it is to work with high-quality models and the results this can bring to your process and team. In this webinar, we showed the best way to manage clashes and how to track progress when receiving new model versions. You will learn how to automate property validation and data extraction to win back valuable time and get to focus on what really matters to you. Does this sound like music to your ears?

Watch the recording of this webinar

3. Multiple guest webinars “Driving Model Quality”

Listening to someone with the same goals and struggles as you can be a shortcut to learning. That’s why last year we launched a webinar series entitled ‘Driving Model Quality’, in which, in each edition, one of our clients talked about their BIM process. What are their main struggles, and how do they solve them? What did they learn? They presented how they work with BIM sharing lots of tips and pieces of advice.

There were three webinars representing three companies:

  • English – Sir Robert McAlpine: A leading UK construction and civil engineering company with more than 150 years of experience. View the webinar
  • German – Dr. Born – Dr. Ermel GmbH: The German company was represented by Daniel Alexander Oehler who is BIM Manager and a pioneer in the field of BIM. View the webinar
  • Portuguese – Canteiro AEC: Canteiro is a Brazilian company that offers consultancy focused on the virtual construction of projects, integrating the uses of BIM from conception to completion of the work. View the webinar

4. Webinar: A better way to drive model quality

In this webinar, we focused on how to improve the quality of models. We explained how to evaluate the quality of received models and how to get their imperfections solved. An important topic was how to optimize the process of model validation and communication for better model quality in a more efficient way. Spoiler alert: Smart Issues can really help in this process!

Watch the webinar on model quality

5. Webinar: The power of the BIMcollab ecosystem.

Are you looking for ways to keep the best overview of your BIM project: from concept to construction phase? The BIMcollab ecosystem could help you with this. All you need to communicate effectively about requirements, model checks, and information retrieval are combined in BIMcollab Nexus, BIMcollab Zoom, and the BCF managers. Do you want to know how to reach the highest quality BIM model?

View more about this webinar on BIM quality

New webinars in 2023

For 2023, we are preparing beautiful webinars again. Don’t want to miss anything? Sign up for the webinar invites below. We will also be hosting more live events on our LinkedIn page, so make sure to follow us on LinkedIn as well!