All the issues in one central hub

‘The best thing about BIMcollab is that all the issues, comments and history are in one place. Before, issues got lost in the mail and forgotten about.Every project team wants to collaborate as efficient as possible. For construction company Kumpen this means motivated employees, but also dedicated BIM software. They are one of the first construction companies in Belgium to apply BIM to their existing workflows.

‘BIM is managing a digital model, built up from components like walls and installations, and where the information is embedded in the model. It is so much more than a virtual building.” Says Sien van der Have. 

Kumpen believes in their Design & Build-approach; working based on project teams where the client, designer and contractor work closely together from an early stage using open standards.
Dedicated BIM units facilitate all departments in the organization for their BIM-needs. These units are placed in the center of the organization, much like a BIM model is the central place for all the information.

“BIMcollab enables better communication and collaboration between departments”  Sien van der Have

“All departments used to have their own information source and started over creating their own models, in stead of reusing the information from other departments. With BIM we can see departments integrating, consulting each other and really collaborating.”

Once people worked with BIMcollab, they are convinced

“BIMcollab was the next step in our BIM-story. We use it during the design phase, to communicate issues with the architect about the design. As a BIM manager, most of my issues in BIMcollab towards the architect are about the model (not) being compliant with BIM standards.

During the construction phase our planners on site communicate their issues via BIMcollab. Every week I check these updated models with Solibri Model Checker.” Sien van der Have sees more and more colleagues and partners discovering the advantages of BIMcollab. 

“The most fruitful collaboration is with the structural engineer. I clash their models for issues and publish them in BIMcollab. The structural engineer receives a notification of the issues, comes up with a resolution and sets the issue to ‘Resolved’. I will then clash the models again and set the issue to ‘Closed’ if the resolution is approved. It is a really easy and efficient way of collaborating.”

All the issues, comments and history are now centralized. That’s great!

“The best thing about BIMcollab is that all the issues, comments and history are in one place. Before, issues got lost in the mail and forgotten about. In BIMcollab it is easy to filter the issues assigned to yourself with all the information you need in the issue itself.”
Looking into the near future, Sien van der Have tells that they will soon start using BIMcollab during meetings. “It is the ideal tool to discuss all current issues with the project team. No more hassle with responsibilities and monitoring the progress is a walk in the park.”


HQ:Hasselt, Belgium
PROBLEM:Work can be done more efficiently. 

Issue management for:a better communication of issuesBIMcollab for shorter meetings 3D design reviews
RESULTS:Better teamwork Faster working