Using BIMcollab for a 16.000 seat arena in Lyon, France

Two years ago, ARTELIA – an international multidisciplinary consultancy, engineering and project management group – started working on a prestigious project in Lyon, France, for which BIMcollab Nexus was used during the design phase.

This project is the future Arena in OL Valley. This infrastructure, which will be a reference in Europe in terms of technology and environment, will be the largest event arena in France outside of Paris. Benefiting from the latest innovations in terms of connection and user experience, the LDLC Arena should host between 100 and 120 events per year. The Arena is a multifunctional venue that can host cultural, sports or economic events: concerts, basketball, handball, futsal, eSports competitions, youth shows, seminars. The project is currently under construction and delivery is scheduled for the end of 2023.

The LDLC Arena will be the largest event arena in France outside of Paris.

BIMcollab Nexus helped Artelia face multiple challenges

BIM Project Manager and Engineer, Julien Blachère had the opportunity to use BIMcollab Nexus during the design phase of the project. During this phase he worked together with CAMPENON BERNAD Management (integrated subsidiary of VINCI Construction France) and Populous (global architectural design firm).

Some challenges that they had to face for this project were: the large scope, complexity, short study time and the fact that the project started at the beginning of the pandemic. Julien states: “BIMcollab has helped to meet these challenges in various ways.”

“Since this was such a complex project and we were cut short on time, we had to find ways to save time. With BIMcollab Nexus we saved time on reports, tracking topics, and it reduced the numbers of emails drastically. The platform has also really helped us with the digitization of meetings and project reviews. Everyone was connected to BIMcollab Nexus and could see the live changes. It’s an extremely powerful tool, but easy to use for everyone.”