BIMcollab is essential, accessible and intuitive

The main mission of BIM Freelance is to unite all those who know, or want to know, BIM technology as an attitude that leads to continued commitment to improve the quality of life that this technique allows. Vladimir Dominguez, trains professionals in BIM, and he is also responsible for product optimization and project management. More than 1.000 professionals have already studied BIM with BIM Freelance.

Why BIMcollab?

Throughout the training we give, we strongly emphasize the importance of the interoperability and openBIM standards. These include IFC and BCF (as well as others). We always try to simulate the work environment in collaborative projects with members dispersed around the world (China, Australia, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, UK, Switzerland, …), that’s why the importance on interoperability.

We have a specific module of Model Checking and here is where communication is fundamental for incidents found in BIM models. BCF is the key. However, BCF and IFC version management requires a very scrupulous organization to have the entire project team integrated.

Simple and intuitive dashboard

BIMcollab improves that workflow. All these coordination hours for BCF versions, emails, repositories, etc. are greatly reduced, since we always work under the same and unique BCF in the cloud. With the advantage of having a traceability of any incidence (including those inserted by mistake). The most remarkable thing is that now we can have editions with more than 30 project teams formed by 5-7 members each with a very simple and intuitive dashboard to see the progress about the issues and their resolutions.

“Even our students ask how such a workflow is possible without BIMcollab”

When working with BCF, I see that BIMcollab is essential. It is very accessible, intuitive and it optimizes the workflow in such a way that you cannot imagine without it. Even our students asks us: “How would this be possible without BIMcollab?” You must invest in what saves time to be able to focus on most important project challenges.

My advise

If you are not working with BIMcollab yet, you must try it. Do it without fear in some break or moment of disconnection from your day to day with the free version. The same time of having a coffee you learn how it works. If you spend the time of a break on this, you will enjoy many more coffees.