Delivering high-quality projects with BIMcollab

Delivering high-quality projects with BIMcollab

As one of the fastest-growing regions in Europe, the skyline of Oslo and the surrounding area is changing rapidly. The city’s transformation has been underway for the past decade, with the construction of the Oslo Opera House in 2008 as the catalyst.

A number of large-scale projects, including the new National Museum, the University of Oslo’s New Life Sciences building, and the New Hospital in Drammen, are part of the Norwegian capital’s changing urban landscape. What these projects have in common, besides their location, is the BIM coordinating consultant, C3 BIM AS. C3 BIM AS provides leading-edge BIM expertise and uses BIMcollab as the coordination tool of choice for all three projects.

C3 BIM AS provides BIM consulting, coordination, and collaboration services to all disciplines within the AEC industry. Their clients include architects, project managers, construction managers, contractors, developers, and property management companies. Through the use of BIMcollab on many of their projects, they ensure a coordinated BIM process regardless of the size and complexity of the project.

As an early adopter of BIMcollab, C3 BIM AS began using the platform in 2017 for its project for the new National Museum in Oslo. This project, the largest art museum in the Nordics, opened its doors in June 2022. From 2015 to 2022, a great deal of progress has been made in parallel on the museum project and in the development of BIMcollab as a leading issue management platform.

We had seen the benefits of a structured approach to issue management since the early days when we started using BIMcollab in our role as BIM coordinator for the new National Museum in Oslo.

high-quality projects with BIMcollab
Illustration: MIR – Kleinhues & Schuwerk – Statsbygg

One of the features used extensively by the C3 BIM AS team is the integration of BIMcollab with Power BI. Power BI provides a range of tools that allow users to create customizable and interactive dashboards and reports.

The integration with BIMcollab allows users to create PowerBI dashboards based on issue properties or activity data, as well as model data and quantities using the BIMcollab Zoom feature “Lists”.

Kenneth emphasized the importance of working with BIMcollab connected with Power BI; At C3 BIM AS, the teams use this feature to have advanced data visualization and analysis on the projects.

The project stakeholders, who are not involved in the day-to-day details of the project, can then get a quick insight into the topics they are involved in and an overview of their tasks within the defined areas and deadlines.

high-quality projects with BIMcollab
Illustration: RATIO ARKTIEKTER AS / Copyright KVANT 1

The University of Oslo’s New Life Science Building is another project with complex BIM requirements in which C3 BIM AS is involved. The building will be the largest university building in Norway.

For this specific project, C3 BIM AS is providing its expertise in BIM digitization, including advice on quality assurance and BIM strategy. The Life Sciences building and New Hospital in Drammen will be pilot projects for the use of new digital tools and implementing new processes.

high-quality projects with BIMcollab
Illustration: Helse Sør-Øst / LINK Arkitektur / RATIO Arkitekter / Bølgeblikk

On complex projects like this, C3 BIM AS works with many team members from different disciplines, each with their own set of BIM tools. In our interview, Kenneth explains how their invaluable BIM expertise helps to ensure seamless coordination and efficient multidisciplinary project delivery.
The key to a successful project is a well-implemented interaction process between all stakeholders, which can only be achieved with effective coordination, better communication, and interaction between the project members.

Kenneth sees BIMcollab Nexus and the BCF managers as essential to helping the BIM-coordinators to ensure that all involved are delivering their work and achieving their goals for the project.

When we asked Kenneth about his favorite BIMcollab features, he enthusiastically pointed to the ‘Closed’ status button.

It is a good feeling to be able to resolve an issue and click on the ‘Closed’ status button. It means that we have successfully coordinated and solved a problem in the BIM model that could have escalated and become a costly problem on-site.

All quotes are by Kenneth Krogseth – project manager at C3 BIM AS.

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