An interesting duality: ease of use and powerful functionalities!

An interesting duality: ease of use and powerful functionalities!

In the construction world, there’s a secret that we don’t often admit: successful coordination between different stakeholders can make all the difference in the quality and outcome of a project. As the ecosystem of BIMcollab is committed to facilitating this process, we are always curious (and proud) to see how our clients use our solutions in their projects.

Today, we highlight a GCC Group project being designed and built, in collaboration with multiple stakeholders, including MAES Architects and Pi Conseil for the technical part. Thomas Crouan, head of the BIM department at GCC, shares with us how the BIMcollab ecosystem enabled them to meet several challenges in the realization of this 19,000 sqm project: the Gerontology Center of the Simone Veil Hospital, in Cannes.

GCC group has been an independent group for 20 years. Today, all their projects are focused on three poles: construction, energy, and real estate development. Coupled with ambition and a permanent quest for operational excellence! Here is a small glimpse of one of these multiple facets: their BIM workflow.

Short learning curve

Thomas Crouan begins with noting the simplicity of BIMcollab Zoom for validating their models. To ensure that all the different collaborators work in harmony, ease of learning and ease of use are fundamental. This was made possible thanks to step-by-step tutorials available for team members around BIMcollab Nexus and BIMcollab Zoom. Moreover, Thomas Crouan considers it important to underline “the accessibility and availability of the support service at BIMcollab” which makes using these tools even easier.

Once we discover the wide range of powerful features GCC used on this project, we almost forget how easy it was for them to integrate BIMcollab Nexus, BIMcollab Zoom and the BCF managers into their workflow. They really leveraged the true power of the ecosystem!

Model validating

Notably, the analysis of IFC files was done with BIMcollab Zoom using the Smart Views. This was achieved by assigning different colors to the elements depending on a multitude of parameters. The validation of the models did not stop here! In fact, they used the lists not only to extract quantitative data but also to perform a continuous check of the significant values in the project.

Collaboration trough integrated BCF Managers

Thomas Crouan states that he especially appreciated the use of the BCF managers in combination with BIMcollab Nexus. This enabled them to communicate and coordinate all BIM management comments with the unit responsible for clash detection, Sigma Lynx. Thus, thanks to the integrated BCF managers, they also displayed the BCF information directly in the modeling software used by the design team and the engineering offices.

Enhanced workflow for improved quality

In conclusion, the results of the validation of the models, and the issues discovered are all listed in BIMcollab Nexus. As Thomas Crouan points out, this allows all the issues to be tracked and centralized. A strategy that inevitably saves precious hours and resources on a project of any size!

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