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BIMcollab Zoom: the tool for fast model validation

By making fast model validation accessible for everyone, Pieters Bouwtechniek’ teams are collaborating better than ever. The engineers agree: “this is what we’ve been looking for!” In this customer story, Maarten Lubbers and Marianne Barendregt discuss how BIMcollab Zoom has improved their model validation process.

Pieters Bouwtechniek is a leading, independent engineering firm specialized in structural engineering and employs approx. 170 specialists. Maarten Lubbers started his career as an architectural draftsman and is currently BIMMER at Pieters. Marianne Barendregt, worked as a BIM manager at an architectural firm before and is now BIM Process and Information Manager at Pieters. “We provide structural engineering consulting on a wide range of ambitious and exceptional building projects. We thrive on translating technology into daily practice”.

(Re)defining the BIM process

Marianne Barendregt: “We recently redefined our role in the BIM process. It is important for us that structural design remains the center of our activities and that we deliver valuable products that allow us to participate effectively in the BIM process with other parties. Therefore, we had to integrate our Pieters’ working standard with the BIM methodology.”

Maarten Lubbers: “Once we acknowledged our product had changed, things started to work out. Today, our structural design is no longer a stack of 2D drawings and calculations, but an IFC model and calculations. Of course, with BIM comes a whole new set of agreements on how to (effectively) work together with the models. It means you have to define your product and adapt the workflow around it. That is why we created our own (purely structural) implementation of the general BIM IDM (Information Delivery Manual) agreement. This was a breakthrough, as it clarified our redefined framework of thinking, organizing and producing BIM products at Pieters Bouwtechniek.”

“We created our own implementation of the general BIM IDM agreement. This was a breakthrough, as it clarified our redefined framework of thinking, organizing and producing BIM products at Pieters Bouwtechniek.”
Maarten Lubbers, BIMMER

Powerful functionalities

Pieters Bouwtechniek makes use of a complete BIM software suite, including (but not limited to): Revit, Navisworks, Solibri, BIMcollab Nexus and BIMcollab Zoom. Barendregt: “In addition to creating IFC models, we of course validate our models. Our BIM coordinators use the Solibri model checker, but this tool is a bit too ‘heavy’ to be used by every structural engineer in the team. We wanted a more accessible tool for fast model validation. That’s why we introduced BIMcollab Zoom to all our engineers.

Color-code specific components in a model

This is a fast, intuitive model checker with powerful functionalities. In Zoom they check the IFC models visually. That works fast and easy, especially via our own set of Smart Views, a custom created set of filters which can color-code specific components in a model. Zoom proved to be a success and is now used company-wide. Many co-workers tell us: This is what I’ve been looking for! We are content with the tool; if we would have to make a remark: the integrated measuring-tool could be improved a bit in user friendliness.”

One place for issues

Lubbers: “Next to Zoom we use BIMcollab Nexus to improve our collaboration around our models. Coming from the same supplier, these applications work together seamlessly. In Zoom, an engineer can immediately create an issue when encountering a problem/fault in a model. We collect all the issues in BIMcollab Nexus, which is used for the management of issues and all related communication. The good thing about it is: all issues in a project are stored in one place.”

“The world of 2D and 3D was growing apart, now we have the tools and methods to bring them back together again” Marianne Barendregt, BIM Process and Information Manager

Bridging the gap between 2D and 3D

Lubbers: “This software helped us to adopt the BIM way of working within the process of Pieters. Of course, BIMcollab is only a tool. In order to have a successful process and outcome, the first thing you need to figure out is your preferred way of working and the products you want to deliver. Since we have redefined our workflow and standards, we have certainly come up to speed with BIM.”

Barendregt adds: “Exactly, now tasks and responsibilities are clear, there is no question anymore whether a model is checked or not and our clients know exactly what they can expect. The past years a gap emerged between the world of 2D and 3D. BIM modelers and structural engineers tended to work on islands and were growing apart. Since the workflow is redefined, they are able to come together again, because now they have got the tools to view, validate and comment on each other’s work. This certainly enhances mutual understanding and successful collaboration.”

About Pieters Bouwtechniek

BIM is well established in the daily practice of Pieters Bouwtechniek. After a few years of exploring BIM for structural engineering and design, the company now tuned its workflow to the BIM process, resulting in a reliable and pleasant way of working and clear and accurate BIM products. BIMcollab Nexus and BIMcollab Zoom are part of the preferred toolset for fast model validation.


COMPANY:Pieters Bouwtechniek
HQ:Haarlem, Netherlands
SOFTWARE:BIMcollab Zoom, BIMcollab Nexus
CHALLANGE:The past years BIM modelers and structural engineers tended to work on islands and were growing apart.
SOLUTION:Introducing BIMcollab Zoom, making fast model validation accessible for everyone.
RESULTS:Tasks and responsibilities are clear and succesful collaboration is enhanced.

Clients know exactly what to expect.

The world of 2D and 3D is brought together again.