Fast and intelligent viewer that boosts communication

Fast and intelligent viewer that boosts communication

“In one of our projects we worked with a project manager on the client-side for whom working with digital building models was completely new ground. After the first meeting and a brief introduction to ZOOM, we received an enthusiastic phone call with a short and concise statement: “It works!” This little anecdote displays the enthusiasm of Sirri El Jundi, architect and founder at Jundi Schrade Baumeister (JSB) for BIMcollab ZOOM. Let’s see why:

 ”The use is simple and just through the visual support, the communication within the project team can be improved significantly.” 

Sirri El Jundi, architect and founder at JSB

JSB is a true BIM pioneer. The office adopted the Architecture 4.0-way of working in the early days to guarantee their customers smooth processes, cost efficiency and adherence to deadlines. Since the start JSB executed the design and construction management of commercial buildings, sports halls, schools or housing projects completely with BIM. Moreover, JSB has a strong focus on the further improvement of the design and building process. In their dedicated department, JSB LAB, working methods and tools are continuously being explored, evaluated and implemented if beneficial.

Model checking in BIMcollab ZOOM

The quest for fast model validation

One of the challenges JSB stumbled on in their BIM journey was fast and accurate model validation. Sirri El Jundi: “The model checkers we used were in some cases very confusing, not intuitive to use and also extremely sluggish. So, we started to explore the use of IFC viewers as an alternative for (parts of the) model validation process. However, most IFC viewers never fully met our requirements when it comes to the representation quality, geometries, speed and cost.”

ZOOM under consideration

Tobias Geise: “We had been using the model issue management tool BIMcollab Cloud to our satisfaction for quite a time when BIMcollab ZOOM was recommended to us. So we decided to give it some consideration. When choosing a software tool, three factors are always important to us: Performance (fast processing and reaction / short waiting times), Interface (attractive and clear user interface), Usability (ease of use, intuitive, short training period).”

“We would really advice everyone to work with ZOOM”

Tobias Geise, architect and BIM Coordinator at JSB

Ticking the boxes

In their first runs, JSB quickly discovered BIMcollab ZOOM ticked all the boxes, including the reading of all kinds of IFC-files, extreme fast processing times and ease of use with simple controls and visual support. Tobias Geise: “With the free access, anyone can use ZOOM, so we are now able to easily connect project partners and clients to project discussions while we are all looking at the same model. That’s a great advantage.

What we like specifically about ZOOM is the ‘Smart View’ feature, allowing us to identify deviations and problems in the model quickly by pure visual inspection. It also helps that in the ZOOM Pro version there is an automated issue creation functionality that connects smoothly to the BIMcollab cloud. It is my personal conclusion that by using ZOOM, our project team’s work is made much lighter and easier, communication problems are significantly reduced and the fun factor is increased. We would really advise everyone to work with ZOOM.”

Using Smart Views


CompanyJundi Schrade Baumeister
HQStuttgart and Ludwigsburg
SoftwareTime-consuming and fault enhancing collaboration on IFC models through confusing, slow and not intuitive software
ChallengeThe digital transformation: smoothen processes and save a significant amount of time.
SolutionUsing BIMcollab ZOOM as a collaboration tool for first and fast visual checks, project discussions including non-experienced IFC users 
  • Fast model checking through fast 3D engine.
  • Intelligent View > smart visualization of deviations
  • Accessible models also for non-BIM users
  • Intuitive interface, easy to use
  • Better communication throughout team
  • Working together fast, accurate and easy

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