FIMBLE builds an IDM - Smart View generator for BIMcollab ZOOM

FIMBLE builds an IDM – Smart View generator for BIMcollab Zoom

FIMBLE is a company that works on projects for housing corporations daily. For these corporations they advise to use the Aedes IDM, developed by the branch organisation of corporations. This information delivery manual (IDM) describes what information the corporations need in BIM-models for the purpose of management and maintenance. In this blog we explain how FIMBLE gets a grip on checking all requested building data from Aedes IDM with BIMcollab Zoom.

Erik Visser
BIM data specialist/co founder at Fimble

Joep van Motman
BIM-modelleur at Fimble

FIMBLE developed a new tool to connect an Excel-list of the Aedes IDM and the Smart Views in BIMcollab Zoom.

AEDES IDM is constructed in an understandable manner. An Excel-file shows which information, in the form of parameters, should be connected to which objects. By filling out this spreadsheet with crosses, a corporation can determine which information the organisation needs. Normally a list can contain a lot of crosses. A possible downside of the IDM when it is constructed this way, can be the lack of overview of the eventually not delivered data, because of the many objects and parameters. FIMBLE connected BIMcollab Zoom with AEDES IDM, to automatically generate Smart Views to check the IFC data. These Smart Views can then easily visualize whether the parameters contain the requested data for all objects at once.

3D validation views

The standard 3D views for data validation in BIMcollab Zoom can automatically filter out the objects that the relevant parameter don’t need. After that objects will be made transparent when the parameter is correct, or shown in red when wrong. In this way it is easy to see whether the model meets the relevant IDM for the specific housing corporation.

As you can see in the image above, the left column shows the Smart Views which were automatically generated from the Excel for a specific project. In the example the Smart View ‘surface protection’ was selected. In one glance you can see that the data for the roofs is missing.

Simultaneously with the first automated set of Smart Views, a second set was generated. This second set of Smart Views does no longer show if the parameters are correct, but what data they contain.

Now again, the Smart Views only display the objects for which the parameter was asked. But additionally a colour is created for each entered value. When you click on a colour, you only see objects with that certain value. In this example you can see which objects have the same value for the residential area property. For corporations it is essential to know which objects belong to which address and building.

“With the development of this tool we have created a link between the Excel containing the Aedes IDM and Smart Views in BIMcollab Zoom. We use this during the development of models to ensure we have all data correct.

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