Manage information with BIMcollab

Manage information with BIMcollab

Changing our methodology was crucial to overtake the situation. Using a collaborative cloud platform like BIMcollab was the key to our success. Facing tight deadlines and a high volume of modifications during the Design and Construction Phases with a traditional coordination approach (mail, phone, PDF reports) was not an effective methodology at all. This situation got even more chaotic when we had to collaborate with other firms and keep track of all the versions and issues related with the Model coordination.

Changing our methodology was crucial to overtake this situation. Using a collaborative cloud platform in order to work on the last and unique version of the model, plus managing the information exchange in a platform that works with BCF, like BIMcollab, was the key to our success.

“The BCF Managers allow team members to resolve
issues without leaving the BIM tool they are working in.”

We definitely prefer to use BIMcollab in the design phase

We usually work with Revit, Navisworks Manage and Tekla Structures, which all have BCF Managers. For other Software like Istram or Allplan, for which we don’t have BCF Managers, we export the model to IFC and manage the information exchange within Navisworks through the BCF Manager.
What is great about thew BCF Managers is that they let each member of the team (architect, engineer and so on) work with BIMcollab, resolving the issues they need to resolve without leaving the BIM tool they usually work in.
We sometimes work with other issue management platforms when it is required by the client in a particular phase of the project, such as the construction phase. But we definitely prefer to use BIMcollab during the design phase.

“We are also starting to use BIMcollab in outstanding Infrastructure projects like the highway of AVO in Santiago de Chile for the Sociedad concesionaria Américo Vespucio Oriente SA.”

IDP is a global and multisectorial engineering company founded in 1998. We work in the AEC sector with a high commitment to information technology. Our multidisciplinary technical team works worldwide for the public and private sectors. IDP is constituted by 140 highly skilled professionals from different specialties which are used to provide quick answers in a challenging environment.

Adriana Caballero is an Architect and BIM manager at IDP, and also co-director of the Master’s degree of “Digital Building for 3D Modeling and Construction” at Fundació CIM, UPC.

The number of emails are drastically reduced

With BIMcollab we have reduced the number of emails generated in each project. In particular, working in the retailing sector with Bershka from INDITEX. We made a study to evaluate the reduction of emails for each agent since the adoption of BIMcollab. We found a progressive increase of the average amount of issues per shop, which nowadays keeps on growing, and proved a clear decrease of the communication through email.