Managing 100.000 + issues

Managing 100.000 + issues

AECOM discovered soon that managing all the issues and clashes with Navisworks only was unmanageable due to the large amount. Kuwait International Airport Terminal 2 is a 750.000 sqm project designed by Foster & Partners. For the 25 million passengers that are passing through annually it will be a state-of-the-art building with a high level of comfort, and will set a new environmental benchmark for airport buildings.

Aitor Chavarri works for AECOM as an architect and is the BIM Manager of the Kuwait International Airport Terminal 2 Project. AECOM is a global network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges.

”With BIMcollab we can manage a large number of issues and clashes,
especially for teams working on different locations.” Aitos Chavarri, Architect at AECOM

BIMcollab overcomes geographical challenges with global teams

A big project, such as the Kuwait International Airport Terminal, is a challenge from a BIM workflow point of view because of many different reasons. Technical challenges regarding computers and software limitations, geographical challenges due to the number and location of teams involved and challenges about quality requirement. The latter obliges us to track every single change from the tender design to the final construction.

At first, we started managing all the issues and clashes with Navisworks only. But we soon realized that it became such a large number that it would make this workflow unmanageable in the near future. This is when we discovered BIMcollab and its BCF Managers. Ever since, it has been our main tool for tracking all issues and clashes along the project. It has eased the communication between the teams to solve problems and has given us the chance to track every action taken. We would not have been able to do it without BIMcollab and the BCF Managers.

“We couldn’t have done this with Navisworks alone.”

The BIMcollab ecosystem connects everyone

With BIMcollab, not only the actual designers are aware of the project issues. But also, managers and other staff (which are not directly related to the modelling work) can access, check and comment on the issues. They only need internet access to enter the platform. The BCF Manager plug-ins are one of the main tools for solving and approving clashes and other issues. For this project we worked with Revit, Tekla, Rhino and Navisworks. Because you can view the clash directly in your own software, the communication process is now very smooth and clear.

BIMcollab is a great tool for managing large number of issues and clashes, especially for big projects with large teams who work on different locations worldwide. In combination with the BCF Managers we can have different teams using various BIM software working together, sharing and resolving issues instantly.”


HQ:Los Angeles, United States 
PROBLEM:A too immersive spreadsheet of BCF issues

SOLUTION:Issue management for:
  • managing large number of issues
  • model quality assurance
  • 3D design reviews
  • Spend more time on their focus areas
  • Better involvement of clients.