One cloud source for managing issues has significant benefits

One cloud source for managing issues has significant benefits

“When exchanging issues with one another, there were always problems. We used software like OneNote, Smartsheet and BCF exports via e-mail to collect and distribute model issues throughout the team. Keeping an overview of the issues was extremely difficult because there was no single point at which all issues were collected, processed and monitored.” Sirri El Jundi, architect and founder at Jundi Schrade Baumeister (JSB) explains why their issue management for BIM projects was a severe challenge. A situation many teams encounter, until they start using BIMcollab Nexus! Let’s have a closer look:

From notes and sheets to an integrated issue management platform

Tobias Geise: “We decided to start using BIMcollab Nexus because it is the only platform we know that can collect and manage BCFs from different software applications. In addition, the platform enables working with different roles (project manager, viewer, editor), which greatly simplifies the distribution of tasks and the assignment of responsibilities. What we especially like is the “comment function”, as it strongly facilitates the exchange of additional information about issues, hence helps with the issue solving process.

“It is the only platform we know that can collect and manage BCFs from different software applications.”

Tobias Geise, architect and BIM Coordinator at JSB

Avoid miscommunication, enhance control

JSB collects the model issues directly from different native software sources (for example ArchiCAD) to the BIMcollab Nexus. Sirri El Jundi: “A restructuring or adaptation of our workflow was not even necessary. In addition, the BCF (BIM Collaboration Format file structure) not only links to camera perspectives in the 3D model, but also provides excerpts from the floor plan or other 2D plans. Since we started using BIMcollab Nexus we have saved ourselves the need for time-consuming export and mailing processes to exchange data and clarify the corresponding problem. Working in Nexus also supports our work as the overall BIM coordinator and BIM manager: For example, the automatically generated PDF report from the cloud is an integral part of our quality report and via Power BI we compile clear dashboards for project control and reporting. Overall, this makes our everyday work much more efficient. In addition, the management and dashboard functionality supports us with the tracking of individual issues (filtering and reporting).”

“A restructuring or adaption of our workflow was not even necessary”

Sirri El Jundi, architect and founder at JSB

The fun factor is back

The exchange and communication on model issues via BCF brought JSB a solid, simple and smooth working process. Tobias Geise: “Whether it is purely internal or with external parties, without BIMcollab Nexus things would be more complicated and time consuming. Now we can involve “non-model creators” such as building physics or fire protection experts, in our BIM process. The fire protection officer for instance, has access to the model via the BIMcollab Zoom Viewer and can check it according to his requirements. If he discovers discrepancies, he can create new issues within the viewer, even without possessing a model of his own.

Overall, communication is much easier because things can be discussed not only textually, but also visually. This minimizes the risk of misunderstandings, miscommunication and the need for explanations. Altogether, the usual time spent on these tasks can be reduced significantly.

My personal conclusion is: By using BIMcollab Nexus, the work of our project team is made much easier, communication problems are largely eliminated and the fun factor is significantly increased!”


CompanyJundi Schrade Baumeister Architekten PartGmbB
SoftwareBIMcollab Nexus
  • BIM Issue Management is time consuming
  • It is difficult to keep an overview
  • Non-model creators are excluded
  • BIMcollab Nexus is a single issue management platform that can collect issues from different modeling software packagesEverybody uses one source for creating, processing and monitoring each issueNon-model creators are included via BIMcollab Zoom
  • Issue Management is easy, fault-resistant and fast
  • Communication both textually and visually prevents faults and misunderstanding
  • Management dashboards create overview and control
  • The work is much easier
  • The fun factor is increased

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