An interesting duality: ease of use and powerful functionalities!

An interesting duality: ease of use and powerful functionalities!

 In the construction world, there’s a secret that we don’t often admit: successful coordination between different stakeholders can make all the difference in the quality and outcome of a project. As the ecosystem of BIMcollab is committed to facilitating this process, we are always curious (and proud) to see how our clients use our solutions in their projects.

BIMcollab ZOOM introduces: Enhancing elements with Smart Properties

BIMcollab Zoom introduces: Enhancing elements with Smart Properties

 Menno Mekes can rightly be called a BIM expert. As a modeller and BIM manager at Arons and Gelauff Architects, he deals with digital models on a daily basis. He has also been a part of the BIM basic ILS expert committee for many years now. So it was for a good reason that we asked Menno, as a beta tester, to assess our latest feature in BIMcollab Zoom: the Smart Properties.

How a top Portuguese consultancy company enhanced their BIM process using BIM open formats

TPF Consultores enhanced their BIM process with openBIM

TPF – Consultores de Engenharia e Arquitetura, S.A. is a Portuguese company with more than 40 years of experience, focused on delivering high-quality fully integrated architectural and engineering services, ranging from technical consultancy to the design and construction process. TPF Consultores strongly relies on innovation and sustainable development, especially supported by BIM methodologies and processes.

How a company has already saved about U$ 4,000,000 with efficient BIM management

Canteiro AEC saves $4,000,000 with efficient BIM management through BIMcollab

In order to provide an effective BIM process to its clients, Canteiro AEC relies on both BIMcollab Nexus and BIMcollab Zoom to keep communication and the analysis of projects and models at the highest level. BIMcollab Nexus and BIMcollab Zoom are considered as fundamental partners for the development of a structured and high-quality BIM workflow within the company.

How a top UK contractor implemented BIMcollab for all of their projects

How a top UK contractor implemented BIMcollab in all of their projects

Sir Robert McAlpine (SRM) is a contractor company with more than 150 years experience, that works both on building and infrastructure areas, and which has delivered numerous iconic projects in the UK. They work with a whole multitude of different clients, ranging from health care, to land owners to the whole civil, having clients like Highways England.

Using BIMcollab for a 16.000 seat arena in Lyon, France

Two years ago, ARTELIA started working on a prestigious project in Lyon, France, for which BIMcollab Nexus was used during the design phase. This project is the future Arena in OL Valley. This infrastructure, which will be a reference in Europe in terms of technology and environment, will be the largest event arena in France outside of Paris. Benefiting from the latest innovations in terms of connection and user experience, the LDLC Arena should host between 100 and 120 events per year.

BIMcollab Twin | BIMcollab game changer for real estate data Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) will be using the BIMcollab Twin platform in the coming years to provide access to all property information of approximately 200 buildings. This means that all building data is always available in unambiguous structures. Jaco Kamphorst and Eric Steinebach of WUR see BIMlcollab Twin as the ‘game changer’ for their plans.

BIMcollab ecosystem offers great flexibility for all users

With expertise in both BIM and architecture, Archi Graphique helps different players in a project implement quality digital solutions. So we are very proud that they have chosen to use the BIMcollab ecosystem and recommend it to their clients.

“BIMcollab helps me to be more efficient and organized”

“BIMcollab helps me to be more efficient and organized”

“Two years ago, we slowly started with the use of BIMcollab Nexus with only 10 users. Quickly the coordination of projects resulted in the need to scale up to 50 users and include BIMcollab Zoom. The use of IFC federated models paved the way. We are only one of a few in our country, but we are going in the right direction and I am proud to be a part of this group of pioneers in Chile.”

BIMcollab Twin | BanBouw uses BIMcollab Twin to unlocks building data Oranjekade Helmond

The BanBouw project Oranjekade in the Dutch city of Helmond started work at the end of 2021 and the first contours are already visible. In the housing project, all building data is fully accessible from BIMcollab Twin during the construction process. In a tour the hard work on the 269 homes and apartments is clearly

“With BIMcollab we have overall control on information management”

“With BIMcollab, we have control on information management”

Meet BIM Brasil Management (BBM): a civil engineering company working on residential, building, commercial and industrial projects. In 2018 the company started working with BIMcollab Nexus as part of their BIM workflow, and currently it’s indispensable for their projects for the centralization and control over project information, communication and managing issues.

“BIMcollab ZOOM provides a clearer graphical image compared to other BIM tools”

“BIMcollab Zoom provides the clearest graphical image”

The Dutch company bureauEAU consists of a team of construction engineers and technical specialists in the field of BIM, building physics, sustainability, modeling software and building regulations. After working with BIMcollab Zoom Viewer, BureauEAU made the switch to the full version of Zoom integrated with issue management in BIMcollab Nexus.

One cloud source for managing issues has significant benefits

One cloud source for managing issues has significant benefits

Sirri El Jundi, architect and founder at Jundi Schrade Baumeister (JSB) explains why their issue management for BIM projects was a severe challenge. A situation many teams encounter, until they start using BIMcollab Nexus! Let’s have a closer look.

The decision to add Smart Issues to our workflow was made in no time

The decision to add Smart Issues to our workflow was made in no time

DCMvn, sister company of the Austrian 4project, has been validating their models and managing issues with BIMcollab for over two years. Thomas Schäfer, CEO of DCMvn and IT Specialist implementing BIM: “Only with BIMcollab Twin and BIMcollab Zoom we can guarantee clash-free models to our customers. The fact that it’s easy to use and exceptionally fast is what distinguishes BIMcollab Zoom from its competitors.”

BIMcollab has made managing clash detection enjoyable

Bringing together knowledge from a breadth of industry sectors, the architects and BIM consultants at Maber work on construction projects ranging from £1m to £350m both in the UK and abroad. Over the past years, Head of BIM Josh Chrystal, has implemented BIMcollab Cloud and BIMcollab Zoom enhancing control significantly in the design and construction process.

“BIMcollab’s simple, clear operation is a major strength”

“Any project is always about communication,” says Daniel Simons, Project Leader at nesseler bau. As BIM advocate, Simons leads development projects about the ever-deeper integration of BIM-based working methods in the company. Recently, nesseler bau started working with BIMcollab Nexus and BIMcollab Zoom. Let’s have a look what it brings.

BIMcollab: a tool that every designer benefits from

Tony Fitzpatrick, Architect and Head of BIM Development, shares his BIM journey from “redlined drawings” and lengthy meetings to smooth workflows and effective collaboration. “I realised that there had to be a better, more cost-effective way of managing the design process”. Tony Fitzpatrick, Architect and Head of BIM Development at AW2 Architects, shares his BIM journey from “redlined drawings” and lengthy meetings to smooth workflows and effective collaboration with BIMcollab.

BIMcollab Twin | BIMcollab Twin simplifies construction of new Campus Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, the spectacular new headquarters of is rising on the Oosterdokseiland. Located next to Amsterdam Central Station and diagonally opposite the striking NEMO Science Museum, the complicated design by architectural firm UN-Studio is an achievement in itself. Construction at this special location is an organizational challenge in which contractor Züblin faces many challenges, as we