“BIMcollab helps me to be more efficient and organized”

“BIMcollab helps me to be more efficient and organized”

“Two years ago, we slowly started with the use of BIMcollab Neus with only 10 users. Quickly the coordination of projects resulted in the need to scale up to 50 users and include BIMcollab Zoom. The use of IFC federated models paved the way. We are only one of a few in our country, but we are going in the right direction and I am proud to be a part of this group of pioneers in Chile,” thus Juan Pablo Papic, BIM Manager at PAPIC ARQUITECTOS. “Today I can’t imagine coordinating architecture with other disciplines in any other way.”

“I stopped using email to communicate issues. I only use BIMcollab to notify all those involved with the issue and thus keep an orderly history of them, leaving no room for missing information or human error.” Juan Pablo works with the Archicad BCF Manager to communicate issues (image 1).

Image 1

“It is a new way of working in Chile and with it, the resistance of some stakeholders to integrate new technologies has been a problem. On the other hand, it has been gratifying to see how clients are amazed and satisfied with the innovation and the well-executed work (image 2).

Image 2

Besides using BIMcollab Nexus and the Archicad BCF Manager, Juan Pablo has also put BIMcollab Zoom in practice. “Especially the extraction of data through the Lists feature is very useful to publish the results in BIMcollab Nexus. This way the information is visible for everyone involved, which helps all team members to have the same information in real time (image 3).

Image 3

“The past few years, I have become accustomed to permanently checking my model in BIMcollab and correcting it if necessary. IFC is the future and you have to use the right tools. BIMcollab helps me to be more efficient and organized.”

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