How VINCI Building improved clash management with BIMcollab

How VINCI Building improved clash management efficiency with BIMcollab Nexus

VINCI Building acknowledged that managing thousands of clashes per construction project in Excel or PDF, for over 35 live projects per year is a very inefficient process for a design team. Hence, a tool was needed to improve clash management, and BIMcollab Nexus was the answer. 

VINCI Building is a construction company based in United Kingdom with an expertise in healthcare, education and residential construction. Their mission is to deliver profitable, high-quality projects that have a positive impact on their people, partners, communities as well as the environment. To reach that goal, an efficient way of working is key. To enable an efficient way of working, VINCI Building has implemented BIMcollab Nexus since June 2020.  

Why VINCI Building chose BIMcollab Nexus

Before implementing BIMcollab Nexus, in combination with the BCF Manager, VINCI Building managed their clash detection process manually via Excel and PDF files. This proved to be an inefficient, time-consuming way of working with a substantial risk of overlooking clashes, resulting in a delay in their construction processes. To ensure all clashes are detected, managed and resolved in time, BIMcollab Nexus has been implemented. As VINCI building elaborates: 

We believe BIMcollab Nexus is one of the best solutions available on the market for efficiently managing and solving clashes.

 The VINCI Building digital team emphasized that, after a first review, it was clear that the solution has the potential to generate significant benefits and is very easy to use: “VINCI Building uses various tools for clash detection and modeling, so the fact that BIMcollab Nexus is compatible with all of them through the BCF Manager was a major selling point“.

Improved clash management through BIMcollab Nexus

Up until now, VINCI Building has used BIMcollab Nexus for a wide range of projects including the Paterson building at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester, a state-of-the-art facility that will lead world-class transformational cancer research, and New Victoria, two residential buildings (25 floors and 20 floors) delivered in partnership with MUSE and PIC in Manchester. BIMcollab Nexus has proven to be an essential tool for improved clash management, quicker issue resolution and a more efficient cooperation with stakeholders: 

New Victoria – Christian Smith

“Using BIMcollab Nexus, we can efficiently manage the collaboration process with our designers and subcontractors. As they all have access to BIMcollab Nexus, we can ensure that all pertinent issues are detected and resolved before we begin construction on a specific part of the building.”  

In addition, the VINCI Building team explained that the ability to fully customize the issue properties is a great benefit of the platform. BIMcollab Nexus adapts to a wide range of processes and workflows. Furthermore, by using priorities, the VINCI design team is able to direct their attention to where it is most needed, improving the construction process overall.  

In essence, BIMcollab Nexus has enabled VINCI Building to improve their clash detection and resolution and has assisted them in digitalizing their construction processes. They concluded: 

BIMcollab Nexus allows us to build better and faster, with fewer construction errors, allowing us to save costs.

How BIMcollab can improve your clash management

If you, like VINCI Building, want to efficiently manage and solve clashes and improve your construction processes, our best advice is to save yourself some time and start using BIMcollab Nexus as soon as possible. Schedule a demo to experience the benefits.

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