“With BIMcollab we have overall control on information management”

“With BIMcollab, we have control on information management”

Meet BIM Brasil Management (BBM): a civil engineering company working on residential, building, commercial and industrial projects. In 2018 the company started working with BIMcollab Nexus as part of their BIM workflow, and currently it’s indispensable for their projects for the centralization and control over project information, communication and managing issues. We spoke with Marco Deritti, Partner Director and BIM Manager of BBM, about the BIM workflow they currently have in place.

Setting up the perfect workflow

The mission of BIM Brasil Management, is to serve their clients with excellence, developing and managing projects that contribute to better cost/benefit at all stages of the project. To achieve this mission, they managed to create perfect models with a cost-efficient BIM workflow, called their BIM budget workflow. But before getting there, setting up this workflow was a true journey by itself.

“We researched cost-efficient software options and needed to understand how these would apply to both the designers and builders, in addition to the software they were already using. After multiple tests and trials, we found our ideal flow and did some specific training with the designers and constructers.” – Marco Deritti

The first project that the BIM budget workflow was used for, was Upside Home Club (see visual below). A residential area of over 40,000 m2.

Having control of project information

As mentioned before, BIMcollab Nexus is part of the BIM workflow used at BIM Brasil Management. Marco Deritti: “We use BIMcollab for many things: from managing and storing issues from models and documents, to formally registering the decisions made in meetings, so we can keep track of project history.”

What they specifically like about BIMcollab? “The centralization and control of project information is a huge benefit, as it is one of our focal points in all projects. With BIMcollab we have overall control on information management and, due to modifications, all history is secured.”

“Besides that, we also like the fact that BIMcollab collaborates with the range of project development software that is used in Brazil, which makes it easy to incorporate for every project.”

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