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At BIMcollab we believe in collaboration. Not just between architects, engineers and contractors but also with software developers world wide.

Develop dashboards in PowerBI. Create a BCF manager for your modeling, checking or viewing tool. Integrate BIMcollab into your Common Data Environment, virtual reality solution or augmented reality app. Or even help us localize BIMcollab into your language.

No matter what your goal is, we welcome you to become part of our development team. You get the best we have, because we use the same libraries for our own set of add-ons.

Focus on the connection. We do the rest.

When you are a developer of BIM software like a modeler, checker or viewer, or even BIM based software for cost estimation, planning, etc. you can use our SDK to create links between BIMcollab Nexus and the BIM model in your tool. Focus on the connection to the model; we do the issue management part and all the underlying XML or communication protocols have been taken care of.

You get the best we have, because we use the same libraries for our own set of add-ons.

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SDK developers will have free access to our BIMcollab Nexus development space. Connect your app for testing, developing and experimenting without risk.

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As a developer you are part of our team and have direct access to our knowhow and experience. Let us help you get your project up and running and resolve any issues you may encounter.

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Connector with full GUI

language: C#
platform: Windows only

The most extended option we have is a C# library with full GUI included alike our BCF Managers. All you have to do is to embed it in your software and fill in the functions to retrieve/lookup components, get/set camera position and grab a snapshot of the model. We advise this SDK to add BIMcollab Nexus functionality to desktop BIM tools.

Download implementation guide

Download library

Connection API

type: REST-API

The Connection API is based on the buildingSMART defined BCF-API, an open standard for communicating issues to a CDE, PMS or a BIM issue management system. This REST API has full support for BIMcollab specific properties and functionality and can be used to connect cloud-based and mobility solutions.

Download implementation guide

Download sample

Generate Zoom Smart Views

type: XML file

BIMcollab Zoom’s Smart Views (and Clash rules) are stored into very simple XML files which can be easily generated by yourself from your software. Create examples yourself by exporting Smart views or Clash rules from BIMcollab Zoom and open the resulting files in a text editor.

Download specification

Download file

Multi-language support

Out of the box, all of our tools in the BIMcollab eco-system allow you to work in English, German, French, Spanish or Japanese. We made it easy for our partners and developers to help us support more languages.

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